You are what you believe. Every time you have a thought, your mind and your gut create a compound (called neuropeptide). This chemical is released into the blood stream and cause you to feel a particular way. For those who have a joyful thought, you create happy compounds (such as endorphins).

Let’s understand it

These happy chemicals enter your bloodstream and you feel great. For those who have an angry thought, you create an angry compound, which, once in the blood flow, makes you feel angry. So your mind and your gut are just like a pharmacy dispensing drugs depending on your thoughts. These drugs not only determine how you’re feeling emotionally but also how your body performs physiologically.

Thus, it’s been scientifically proven that your immune system is significantly stronger once you’ve watched a comedy, and weakens significantly when you’ve seen the news. Similarly, a body which shows the so called multi-personality disease (i.e. one body that hosts many characters ) may have cancer or not depending on which character takes over.


You are what you think! Think right and your body will be proper. Think wrong and your body will suffer. So how do you know if your thinking is on the right path? That’s easy! Check with how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling happy, then your thinking is on the right path. If you are feeling stressed, tired, tired, wired, jealous, angry and hard-done by, then there’s something wrong with your thinking and you would be sensible to change it, asap.

As an example, somebody “insulted” you. You might be thinking:”No one has the right to do that. It isn’t fair. I’ve got every right to be mad since they’re wrong and I am right.” Think again! Do you need to be right or would you like to be smart? Check with your own body. How are you feeling? Are you feeling happy? Or feel like a victim, mad, driven, defeated, and offended? If you’re less than pleased, no offense but your thinking is wrong.

Take into account

You can not send everyone else to a psychologist so that you may feel better. You must change your thinking if you wish to change how you’re feeling. There’s not any other road to happiness and health. To change your thinking, whenever you catch yourself and be aware of your own unhappiness, assume straight away that your thinking is wrong. Don’t spend even one unhappy second justifying yourself or rationalizing how you’re right and somebody else is not. Assume precisely the reverse – you must be thinking wrong (like you were not, you would be feeling good!).

You’re wrong because you chose something private when it really is not. Nothing is personal. So don’t make anything private. De-personalize the remark, the situation or whatever it’s that you are triggered by. Strip off any significance that you put into it. Nothing means anything. Meanings do not exist and they aren’t inherent to people, things, situations, etc.. Your unpleasant situation doesn’t mean anything in any way. And even if it did mean something, it would not mean what you think it means. So don’t bother attaching any significance to it. Don’t take it personal. Let it move standing in gratitude, forgiveness and love. Using this method, you’re not doing a favor to the person that”offended” you. You’re doing a favor to yourself. Forgiving means putting yourself and loving yourself. Because when you forgive, you quit drinking the poison and begin living a healthy and happy life.