We’ve all heard, have not we, that a 40-year-old was considered elderly in the past? With America’s aging population, why would not we take advantage of reasons to count ourselves lucky to live beyond 40? After all, as little as 200 years ago the average life span in North America was 37 years. But the idea that anyone over 40 back then is a misinterpretation of statistical data.

Natural medicine

It is a hot topic. There are more than enough sites, newsletters, and products offering solutions to your ailments to keep you occupied for a year exploring them. The advent of the Internet has made it easier than ever to research and try alternative or adjunctive treatments. You don’t need to an whole day waiting in a doctor’s office to cure a lot of your symptoms because dependable, reputable purveyors of recognized organic medications are all around you.

Luckily for you, you already have the most effective natural medicine in the world. You carry this medication around in your own chemistry and its advantages are unparalleled. While I would never suggest that you discard traditional medicine (I am a medical doctor, for goodness sake!) I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that optimizing the amazing, free natural medicine of humor can fix a wide selection of medical and personal issues.

Natural humor

No other physician in the world has the credentials I must teach you about this specific use of the free natural medicine of humor. Having found the power of comedy twenty years past while working with a terminally-ill cancer patient, I’ve spent over two decades researching, fine-tuning, and prescribing humor in a remarkably diverse collection of personal and health care applications. You will soon discover you could use the free natural medicine of humor to skyrocket your relationships, your career, your anxiety control, your weight loss, your mental health, your exercise program, your parenting, your sexual health and more, because comedy is strong, abundant, free, and always available to you.

After decades of study, I will teach you how you can turn on comedy’s amazing power as easily as flicking on a light switch. From working as a performing comedian on the national Comedy Caravan excursion to developing romantic, working relationships with terrific humor/practitioners like famous comedian Jerry Lewis, I’ve learned ways to infuse your own personal and professional life with such an awesome amount of resilience and energy you will feel nostalgic – regardless of how successful you’re now! In this article I will outline the three chief reasons that the free natural medicine of humor is far superior to any other medication, natural or otherwise.


It is a staggeringly strong free natural medicine. This vibrant, endless resource packs a wallop in at least ten recognized, documented areas of health and wellness. You won’t ever find such a comprehensive collection of benefits from any other medication and keep in mind, with this medication, you may experience no side effects, nor will you ever need to buy refills – you’ll just have to be educated to use it.

I’ve researched and documented the next ten ramifications of using the free natural medicine of humor (if you want to read the study, contact me throughmy site ). Can you imagine how much money the pharmaceutical companies would pay for the rights to a drug with these consequences – and no side effects? Not using your comedy to its fullest potential is like owning a Porsche that you simply drive to the corner grocery once per week!

Final note

Humor has so much more value than a recreational tool! And the great news for all of us is, no matter how well you’re using your sense of humor for health, success, vitality, and wellness, you can always learn use it effectively! The free natural medicine of humor is so strong because it never runs out! Humor, as you will learn, is everywhere you look as abundant as water or trees.