Longevity and anti-aging methods have always been a hot topic of discussion. It will get even hotter! Fortunately, science is coming to the rescue, by “re-discovering” anti aging technology which have been used for centuries, to prolong and improve the quality of life. In only the past few years we’ve discovered the virtual ‘fountain of youth’ and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Let’s understand it

What they consume – Do they exercise? We’re now able add quality, healthy years to our lives — without a nasty side-effects. These foods have amazing life sustaining properties, that could provide our bodies with more than enough vitamins, minerals & nutrients it needs to flourish in today’s modern societies. Who’d have believed, could strengthen your immune system beyond belief & have a very long relationship, in relation to longevity.

Medicinal mushrooms, including, Reishi, Chaga, Shitake, Maitake & Cordyceps can help to fight off wide number of germs, improve the immune system, while slowing down the aging procedure. Did you know coconuts can save your life! They’re known as “the tree which provides all that is required to live.” Regardless of what you’ve done, how badly you’ve mistreated your body., coconuts will help repair it.

Did you know?

Young coconut water is virtually identical to human blood plasma. For a fast blood transfusion; blend 55% coconut water & 45 percent wheatgrass juice and drink it down. Yes, “becoming grounded” is just as, if not more important than food! Most of us have to “Chill Out” as they say. We have not, as a people, been disconnected from the Earth.

We wear shoes all day, drive around in automobiles & sleeping in beds — all disconnected from the ground, right? Not only, is this disconnect with the ground the chief cause of bone density loss (wild huh?) Amongst humans, it might possibly be the only real reason we feel so lonely (melancholy ).

This stuff blows my mind! But, I guarantee you, there’s The Science to back this up. You must breath. . , and breath correctly. There are studies which indicate that 70 percent of those bodies toxins can be eliminated through proper breathing. So, checking out that yoga course you have been considering, is a excellent idea. Should you go the yoga course, make sure they focus on breathing. It’s normally followed by a whole lot of chemical names you can not even pronounce.