If you have allergies and are arranging a trip for business or pleasure, plan ahead. You might be entering a high pollen place without understanding it. Derek Johnson, MD, an allergist at Temple University Medical Center and a medical adviser to AAFA. Included among them youll find some of the most popular destinations for business or pleasure, such as Orlando, new york, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington, DC, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Take note

Tree information includes alder, hazel, birch, ash, olive, airplane and cypress. Weed data comes from observations of ragweed, mugwort, pellitory, and nettles. According to the website,”grass pollen is the main allergen in Europe. As an example, if youre planning a visit to Japan, you may want to know that Japanese cedar pollen, which can be among the most potent known, and causes acute symptoms is present from around the end of January until the beginning of April on the north island, and mid-April through early May on the south island.

Food allergies

These aren’t associated with place but can cause serious reactions, and food and pollens can cross-react. As an example, if youre sensitive to ragweed, when its pollinating you ought to avoid milk, egg, bananas, and lettuce.

Dust, mold and fungus

These may be present anywhere at any time. According to the above website, if youre allergic to dust, then you should avoid fish, nuts and peanut butter, and if youre allergic to molds and fungus, you should avoid milk products, vinegars, alcoholic drinks, mushrooms, sugar and yeast. Part of the information on this Website is provided by the American Academy of Otolaryngology.

Anaphylactic shock

It can occur as the consequences of eating meals, or such things as a bee stings. Whats hard about food allergies is that they can seem’out of the blue.” You can one day be eating lobster and suddenly experience difficulty breathing, itchiness, swelling of the lips and throat, and fall in blood pressure, and ultimately collapse. Anaphylactic shock can be fatal. The symptoms can begin immediately, or up to some hours after. If you have ever suffered anaphylactic shock, youve probably been instructed by your doctor to take injectable adrenaline with you and to keep some at home too. If these symptoms occur, seek medical care immediately. Some folks experience this to bee stings.

What to do?

Look closely at your accommodations. Check things about until you reserve your room, and change rooms or accommodations if need be. Avoid musty rooms, and dont require a smoking room. If you’re bothered by wall components, ensure that your accommodations are centrally heated and cooled. Check out what that comforters made of before you dive under the covers because quaint bed and breakfast, and ensure that the places are centrally heated and chilled if wall components and forced heating irritate your allergies.