Congratulations if you have recently lost weight! This achievement will be a benefit to your future and present health. Let’s now talk about how to avoid regaining the weight lost.

These tips are common to people who have lost weight and not gained it back over time.

Watch your diet

You should adopt a realistic and healthy eating style. Now that you have established a healthy lifestyle, the challenge is to keep the good eating habits you developed. Studies of people who lost weight over a period of time showed that most maintained a lower-calorie diet than what they ate before.

Be consistent with your eating habits. No matter what changes occur in your life, you should maintain a healthy eating routine. You should plan ahead for vacations, weekends, and special occasions. You will be more likely to have healthy food on hand in case your routine changes.

Every day, eat breakfast. People who have lost weight and maintained it are more likely to eat breakfast. Healthy breakfasts can prevent you from becoming hungry and then overeating later.

Keep active

Get active every day. People who lose weight and keep it off spend 60 to 90 minutes engaging in moderate-intensity exercise almost every day. They also don’t consume more calories than necessary. It does not have to be 60-90 minutes per session. You can do 20-30 minutes of exercise three times per day. Brisk walking can be done in three parts: in the morning, lunchtime, and at night. Before engaging in any level of activity, some people might need to speak with their doctor.

Keep going!

Keep track of your activity and diet. You can track your progress by keeping a log of your food intake and activity to identify trends. You may notice an increase in weight when you travel for work, or work overtime. This tendency can be recognized and you may want to change your behavior, such as packing healthy food to take on the plane or exercising at the hotel gym. During breaks, you can walk around the building if you are working overtime.

Pay attention to your weight. Regularly check your weight. It’s a smart idea to keep track your weight to monitor your weight loss and to adjust your exercise and eating habits as necessary. You can quickly reverse the trend if you have gained some weight.

Ask for support from friends, family, and other people. Many people who lose weight successfully and keep it off rely on the support of their friends and family to help them stay on track and overcome obstacles. It can be helpful to have a friend or partner who is trying to lose weight or maintain it.

Take dietary supplement

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