By sending ELF-Extremely Low Frequencies into a place of known and above average cancer rates in the middle of the night as people sleep, you can boost their immune system and help keep free radicals in their body . The mind operates at these frequencies and puts the mind into a theta state of profound thought. Good frequencies to the immune system are 8.5 Hz and 7.89 Hz close to the Earth’s own resonance. By enabling the brain time in this level the body and central nervous system may re-align and release these free radicals from damaging the DNA or causing a number of problems.


Discuss universal healthcare? It won’t hurt people, it is going to eliminate anxiety, help them sleep and be peaceful and happy and cure them all at exactly the exact same time. Many studies have been performed on the human mind as well as many different mammals both sea and land based. We can fix the problems of frequency pollution of mobile phones, increased electronics that simplify our lives, lower healthcare costs for all, live longer happier and more productive lives.

Consider the possibilities in the future of the. For example an elderly couple at SunCity who’s retired could have an easier time with ailments, arthritis, cancer or diabetes. We know the ideal brain wave frequencies to the immune system to function best. Also they wouldn’t need to be so heavily treated saving taxpayers money.


What would this cost? Very little considering the benefits. It needs to be tested soon. Such a benefit would imply more active involvement from older folks from the travel business and being able to get out and see the world and all parts of the nation. It would mean more money to send grandkids to school, it would mean more quality time and therefore more words of wisdom handed down to create better citizens of our childhood. As we continue the digital age and an age of all types of new devises such as wristwatches with GPS for children, we also run the danger of over doing frequency pollution into our population.

This is bad and our brains and bodies haven’t had the evolutionary processes required to handle this in the brief 150 decades of the exponential proliferation of each sort of digital device; Radar, TV, Radio, Microwave Ovens, mobile phones, Repeater technologies for communicating, HAARP form projects, Satellite Radio TV GIS GPS, the list is long to record we’re going to have issues, trigger animals and other species to become disassociated with their own navigational and instinctual processes, causing them ailments that could be trans-species situations later on. If we are able to set cell phones and cell towers to certain frequencies and counter frequencies we could bring about the low frequency differences in regions to cause the reverse effect and heal people, rather than pollute them with free radicals.

Let’s see…

Today we have numerous weapons employing these techniques, which can be useful to serving our political will and security of our people when necessary, but also with this terrific accomplishment we have the technology to make people live longer and happier also. We ought to have both sides of the technology available fro our requirements. Technology is to serve humankind, lets order a larger seven-course meal? After all we are now able to modify our weather, shortly we’ll have the ability to really control it, so we can make it rain or Monday nights at 9:00 pm to 1:00 am and on Thursday nights at 12:00 pm to 3:00 am. You see thus not a water deficit.

Consider a place like D.C.. They should move out of the region, but can’t, so that they will soon fall prey to some horrific disease possibly now or maybe later on. Also they get irritated, aggressive, angry and revengeful, which is evident from the Halls of Congress or regulatory offices. Thus they’re effected and this hurts them finish the job they’re sworn do. Many known blood diseases are known to occur from this sort of situation is going to be stopped. ELF maybe the response to stopping some kinds of cancer or prolonging life and deterring cancer for a long time, experiments in this should be funded and continuing.