First you will need to understand what uterine fibroids are. They’re non-cancerous, benign tumors which are usually small and cause no issues. It’s not until they get bigger they start causing problems. They’re pretty common so there is no reason to fear. There’s absolutely no definitive reason for the creation of fibroids but there are a number of common factors.

Diet Factor

Bad diets full of saturated fat and low in fiber may cause them and anxiety, obesity and high estrogen levels. Women have an assortment of choices for treating fibroids. While surgery is an alternative, it can be easier on the body to go another route. Over the counter drugs can help treat some symptoms of uterine fibroids, but they can’t heal the fibroids themselves. Natural, holistic treatments have been shown to shrink the fibroids and also prevent them.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old Ben Franklin stating that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Consuming the right herbs and supplements, along with a nutritious diet could just be the least invasive and most effective way to stop the fibroids in the first location. This combination makes your body so wholesome that fibroids are not able to grow or thrive inside. The first thing you have to do is to change how you look at and treat your body. You need to consider it as a temple rather than a compost heap.

Do this!

Cut out the saturated fats, caffeine, sugar and other foods you know are not great for you. Replace the”mulch” with veggies which contain compounds that prevent higher estrogen levels such as leafy greens, cabbage, celery, broccoli, carrots and peppers. These can help to level out the estrogen levels thereby eliminating existing fibroids while preventing new ones from appearing. To help enhance your immune system while reducing the chance of infection in the reproductive organs, you may want to start eating more oats and flaxseed.

You might also have calcium and magnesium supplements. In this era, we tend to eat a lot of foods high in Omega-6 and too few high in Omega 3. Omega 6 tend to be things like vegetable oil and margarines. By simply changing the vegetable oil with olive butter and oil to the margarine, will considerably reduce your Omega 6.


Popular foods high in Omega 3’s are fish such as salmon and sardines. If you are not a fish lover, do not panic. Many drug and grocery stores now carry supplements rich in omega 3 fatty acids. If yours doesn’t, just go to your neighborhood health food store. By using the above mentioned tips, you’ll end up feeling much better. Your body will get much healthier and become poisonous to fibroids. The ones you’d will begin gradually shrinking away along with your new found hormonal balance can help stop new ones from starting.