Chronic illness can be utilised as a tool of enlightenment to detect the classes of spirit journeys. Quite often, our physical bodies reflect the religious, biological and psychological imprints of our encounters. When we engage a process of healing, often practitioners deal with the physical or biological features of health issues, yet the psychological and emotional aspects are often neglected.

Spiritual patterns

Thus, it’s important to check at our psychological and spiritual patterns to discover the classes in particular health conditions. In the Chinese system of medicine, there’s a mapping of character archetypes that correlate with specific internal organ imbalances. These correlations can give insight into psychological and spiritual aspects of wellness challenges. For instance, somebody with a kidney imbalance or adrenal fatigue or urinary tract problems might lean toward excessive anxieties such that energy becomes stagnant to make kidney stones.

We would call this character type a”water” type. They may have a tendency to be very introspective and inward, suppressing feelings instead of expressing them. Also, water personalities might be contested with demonstrating discipline. On a religious level, water facets are about religious nature, so classes that have to do with our jing-our religious DNA or legacy, cyclic patterns of energy which are connected with our religious ancestors and our religious blueprint.


On the other hand, someone with high blood pressure, dizziness, and trend towards sleeplessness or anger may have more of a timber character, demonstrating imbalances with the liver. The spouse of the liver is your gallbladder, another wood component organ. A character archetype of a individual with imbalances of the gallbladder could be one that has difficulty making decisions and defining themselves and their route on earth. There’s often a feeling of angst or wavering about what to do or who to be on earth.

Spiritually wood is all about creativity and the many benevolent aspects of soul. So, once we have health challenges which are more of a timber issue, we could ask,”What issues or energies am I carrying around blooming compassion or coping with suppressed anger?” How am I letting my soul and character to manifest creativity? Wei qi” can be compared to an energetic shield. So, we could ask ourselves,”What issues or energies am I holding around security, perfection or the requirement to correct injustices on a soul level? What energies or issues am I holding around letting my intuitive and spiritual intelligence to direct my path versus my cognitive, intellectual self? In what ways am nourishing my ability to allow soul lead?