Yes, I’m more than familiar. I predict those 5 day splits’drug programs’ They treat your body as a’muscular system’ and neglect the other systems like your central nervous system, hormonal system and immune system. Each of those systems have a special role in muscle growth. And of course that these ‘drug programs’ only operate if combined with a couple thousand dollars each month on drugs.

Take into account

Just because you trained your chest on Monday doesn’t mean that your immune system, or hormonal system or central nervous system has FULLY recovered. What happens when you come back to the gym NOT FULLY recovered? Are you able to lift more weight? If you’re unable to lift more weight than imagine what happens to your level of fitness? It certainly won’t go up because you’ll be depleting your energy reserves further into a deep, dark hole known as ‘over-training.’

If you can’t lift more weight or’out-do’ yourself in the previous workout than just how do you expect to make any NEW muscle? It’s literally impossible. Taking a complete rest day every 2 days will minimize the likelihood of overtraining and make sure that your energy reserves are replenished. Q. You train your chest on Monday and you averaged 4 sets of 8 with 225 pounds on bench press. This exercise could be considered a personal best.

Did you know?

Your subsequent chest workout, let us say five days later, you arrive at the gym with good anticipation to out-do your last workout. To your disappointment you find that you could barely do 4 sets of 8 with 185 lbs this week.

  • Your body hadn’t fully compensated in the last workout and demanded an extended recovery period.
  • Who cares! You toughed it out and made the most of the workout.
  • Complain to the gym owner his weight plates are awakened and you need a refund on your gym membership.

If you chose A than say hurray and pat yourself on the back. The rational decision is to acknowledge the recovery mistake, assess the factors that could of caused by not fully recovering (did you take all of your nutritional supplements, did you sleep enough, did you follow your nutrition plan ) and strategy for success next time. This is the ‘trial and error’ process. The emotional and irrational trainee could take option B and slug it out.

  • You’ll be using weights inside your threshold so that your muscles will simply laugh at you because there’s absolutely no new unaccustomed strain on your muscles. Remember, your muscles only grow if you give them a reason to.
  • You’ll be training in the pit and extend the time period it takes to come out of this hole and supercompensate.
  • You’ll not have a new muscle to work with since you haven’t fully recovered or grown larger so it is going to be literally impossible to lift more weight or more reps.
  • You’ll use your valuable energy reserves, that could be moving towards building muscle, instead to fuelling an futile exercise.
  • You will drop motivation and develop frustrated and confused because of your lack of progress. This is a really tough and mature training choice you has to face.

Keep in mind

After beginning a workout, if you find after a couple of sets that you’re on tract for a crappy workout than I’d suggest to drop the work out and go home. Plan to return the following day. If your objectives are to train to train, than you will most likely not follow this rule. However, if your objective is to get enormous muscles and pack inches of fresh muscle onto your frame than this is a crucial training decision.

To make sure your visit to the gym doesn’t go in complete vain – have a flexibility session to generate use of the time and than attempt to pick up the cute secretary telephone number in your way out! What does this have to do with muscle building? Everything – finding a mentor can make a big difference in how much muscle you build! If you plan on becoming successful in the gym than surround yourself with somebody who has already walked the path. Would you agree that the quickest way to achieve success is to find somebody who has gone and done everything you need to perform and model them.

Final note

So why is it that millions of fitness fans wander aimlessly following generic advice in text books, magazines or websites? Although these methods of learning could offer a theoretical perspective, they are absent in responsibility, an official system, financial and time commitment and evaluation of performance. A smart mentor will guide you step-by-step of how with a formal system which includes a greater degree of commitment and responsibility on your part. You’ll be asked to meet tasks, change customs, meet deadlines and perform at a higher level than you would without a mentor. The premise of having a mentor is that he has been there and done that. He’s walked on your shoes and will provide you the proper advice in a timely manner. If you don’t perform and adhere to the advice than you’re squandering the mentor’s time and he will’fire’ you! Should you perform and follow his guidance than you’ll be successful and build the muscle you have earned in less time!