Scleroderma is a disease affecting the connective tissues. It’s called an autoimmune rheumatic disease. It’s viewed as a hardening, tightening and thickening of the epidermis. This contributes to thicker patches of skin anywhere on the body and at times also within the organs.


There’s absolutely no medical consensus of opinion for the reason behind Scleroderma but research indicates it might be genetic. Some studies do suggest there might be an environmental variable as a trigger for those genes. It’s extremely possible that the connection between environment and gene pool may explain the majority of the cases. Usually there’s an acid-alkaline imbalance within the body that’s a cause for inflammation and reduced immunity and this brings bacteria and fungus from the gut. It’s possible that this activates the genetic interaction from the cells.

Further studies will need to be done to determine if this is true. Symptoms of Scleroderma usually begin with look of a blue spot on the skin because of blocked capillaries resulting from the thickening tissues. The color change is accompanied often by an itchiness or a sense of pain. In more severe cases of scleroderma inner organs are affected as a result of the hardening of the tissues.

Systemic Sclerosis

This is known as Systemic Sclerosis. It may affect the lungs, kidneys as well as the center. There may be blockages in the throat or gut and joint stiffness and pain. The lack of flexibility in the muscles of gut and throat may also result in further respiratory and digestion difficulties. Treatment of Scleroderma is tough but a fantastic place to start is to consider the redness levels of the human body. See a competent therapist to help out with creating an acid-alkaline equilibrium.

This will result in your inflammation levels falling and the better functioning of your immune system as a whole. Drink loads of water to flush out the liver and the gut. Additionally it is wise to take some supplements according to your naturopath to hasten the healing.


As a result of pain and inflexibility of motion you might want to take up gentle exercise like yoga or Tai Chi. Since Scleroderma is an immunity disorder the body needs to be treated as a complete – recovery from many angles. The correct supplements, superior food, gentle exercise, plenty of pure water, enough sleep all contribute to helping with this disorder and the sooner natural treatment starts the sooner you will be feeling better.