We tend to consider our muscles as something a bodybuilder has and is only about appearances. There’s a significant connection between our muscles and our immune system and if we would like to have a strong immune system we want strong wholesome muscles also. If muscles are permitted to grow feeble with disuse the immune system also loses its ability to produce the distinctive cells you will need to fight off illness and disease.

Immune sytem

A strong immune system is crucial for continuing good health – and great health does imply one free of disease. Think about your immune system such as an impenetrable army protecting you from invading forces. However if it’s not always augmented it will gradually weaken and become vulnerable to foreign invaders. The association between the muscular system and the immune system is important since the amino acid glutamine is a essential fuel source for lots of the disease fighting cells.

Muscle tissue is where it’s stored so the more muscle tissue you have the more abundant the source is and the fitter and stronger the immune system is. Muscle tissue is also the storage site for protein which creates new antibodies and white blood cells which fight infection in addition to discovering and destroying cancer cells. The more toned muscle tissue means a vital reserve which may be called on to fight and recover from disease.

Did you know?

Natural killer cells are white blood cells that play a vital role against infections as well as cancer cells. These healthful warriors are directly proportional to the amount of muscle tissue and this is where exercise particularly muscle-building exercise comes into its own. It can boost the amount of the cells and also enhance their capacity to kill invading cells from 50 to 200 percent.

This is the reason strength training exercise is quite important as you get older when you eliminate muscle tissue with every passing year should you not do enough muscle building and maintaining action. Just 2-3 sessions every week is all it takes to hold on to your precious muscle tissue. Our modern day lives no longer have sufficient action that works the muscles intensely to keep our immune systems in addition to our overall health in good shape.

Final note

We might like to think that this isn’t important but should you not give your muscles ‘work’ they will shrink, weaken and reduce the ability to resist disease. The only way to keep these muscles strong and healthy throughout your life would be to begin your resistance training program and never cease. This will lessen your chance of falling prey to some terrible life threatening disease and might save your life.