For me at the start it was impossible. I understood that 95 percent of the day I’m mad, sad, mad at life and filled with negative thoughts. Secondly I realized how aggravation it’s every single minute to attempt and switch. I gave up several times until one day I decided to be patient, persistent and actually try.

Let’s see…

It took me two weeks to decrease the negativity from 95% to 75% and I understood that the advantages of being positive. See, there’s considerably more happening in our own body, not only our mind, if we keep up with the large (joyful ) vibration. So here are a few facts that really shocking but in a fantastic way. Thinking positive thoughts isn’t always a simple thing and stressful situations will arise regardless of how much you try to keep away from them.

When you’re a positive think, you can deal with these stress factors better and more efficiently compared to the pessimists. While pessimists tend to take problems as something they can’t alter, optimists will more likely develop an action plan and call for advice and help from other people for the problem to be solved.

Stress factor

What I do when I am stressed out? I breathe deeply. I relax and allow my mind soak deep into the situation occurring at the exact same moment. Have you ever regret what you said or did when you’re angry and stressed out? I did? That’s why when you step back, sit and wait your mind calms and you are feeling confident and”sober” again. After stress is gone you can think straight and never regret the results. After all situations such as this makes us stronger.

It’s been recently found that a person’s mind can have a strong effect on the body. If there’s one area which may be greatly influenced by your attitudes and ideas, that would be your immunity. According to one study, when negative emotions are triggered in the brain, a person’s immune response to influenza vaccine tends to be poorer. It was discovered that individuals that are optimistic about a crucial and special area of their lives, like how they perform in the office, showed a much stronger immune response when compared with those who nurse negative thoughts concerning the circumstance.

Did you know?

A positive mind won’t just enhance your immunity and ability of dealing with anxiety. At exactly the exact same time, this will impact your entire well-being. Experts associated several health benefits with optimism, including less depression, reduced likelihood of death brought on by cardiovascular problems and increased lifespan. Despite the fact that it’s still unclear how positive thinking can benefit the health of an individual, some say that people who nurse positive ideas are the people who follow a healthy lifestyle.

As they deal better with stress and prevent unhealthy behaviors, they also enhance their wellbeing and health. So, be positive, be healthy, it’s that simple. Being flexible means having the capacity of coping with problems in various conditions. Flexible men and women are the people who can confront a trauma or crisis with greater resolve and strength. They don’t fall apart when stress comes their way and rather, they continue, eventually overcoming the hardship. It’s no longer surprising that flexibility is greatly influenced by positive thinking. As stated before, optimists look for ways on how best to repair an issue when confronted with a challenge.