It must be relatively easy to discover a spot for flu shot vaccinations this year, based on where you live. Local flu shots are offered in many different places. In 2003, 83 million doses of influenza vaccine were distributed. It’s estimated that a similar number of the population could discover a spot for flu shot vaccines at the 2005-2006 flu season. Approximately 4 percent of people surveyed were not able to discover a location for flu shot vaccines, or the vaccine has been inaccessible.


The Center for Disease Control doesn’t foresee any deficit of influenza shots for the upcoming season. If your doctor doesn’t offer annual flu shots, there are a variety of other facilities offering the vaccine each year. During the past flu season, 19% of the people vaccinated only needed to go to school or work to discover a location for flu shots. It’s becoming more common for large companies to give flu shot clinics on-site to workers.

The corporate belief is that flu shot vaccinations can prevent large outbreaks and reduce the amount of”sick calls”. Many schools and universities hosted flu shot clinics in the past season, so that students wouldn’t have to look for local influenza shots. In an environment where many folks are in close contact with one another on a daily basis, outbreaks are rather common. Colleges and universities reacted to the exact same belief as much of corporate America, because prevention by vaccination reduces absences.

Flu Shots

County and city health departments typically provide local flu shots. During the previous season 8% of people who received the vaccine went to their regional health department. Most county and city governments have websites which provide information on where to locate a location for flu shot vaccinations locally, even if the health department doesn’t offer them. Lately, the pharmacy section of several big retailers, such as Costco and Sam’s Club, provided local flu shots. In the past season 10 percent of those men and women who were vaccinated received the shot in a”shop”.

For those who have a large retailer in your area, this might be where you will find a spot for flu shot vaccinations annually. Costco pharmacy does plan to provide local flu shots this year. Check with your regional retailers for dates and information relating to this year’s flu shot programs. If you reside in a senior center or nursing home, the majority of them provide on-site neighborhood flu shots. The diversion facilities in many regions often host flu shot clinics, also.


Hospital, health care workers and residents of nursing homes are among the men and women that are at highest risk of contracting the flu and nursing home residents are at high risk of developing life-threatening complications from flu. It’s generally easy for high risk people to locate a location for flu shot vaccinations. When supplies are limited, public health organizations advise that high risk people should find the first shots. While 39 percent of persons vaccinated did see their doctor or HMO provider for the shot last season, there were choices for local flu shots, even for people who don’t have health insurance. Companies like Costco help individuals find a place for flu shot vaccinations and supply them at a lower cost.