Are you among those that are continuously dealing with a sinus infection? If you are, then you’ll have to comprehend the reasons why this is happening to you so that you can take preventative steps to prevent sinusitis.

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Some of us are born with expand inferior turbinates. A nasal turbinate is a long, narrow shell-like curled bone that divides into the breathing passage of the nose. Its principal objective is to help warm and humidify the inhaled air before it reaches the lungs. Enlarged turbinates restrict airflow from hitting the sinuses. This permits bacteria to flourish in the sinus cavities and contributes to the bacteria multiplying quickly and colonizing the cells of the nasal mucosa.

Once this occurs, the sinuses become inflamed and finally, a sinus infection occurs. Unless something is done to decrease the size of the turbinates, you’re very likely to be a victim of recurrent sinus infections. Similarly, if there are nasal polyps or adenoids within the sinus passages, nasal obstruction would also happen as explained earlier.

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Sinus surgery would have to eliminate these obstacles so that normal air flow inside the nasal passages can restart. It’s really important that you complete the course of drugs prescribed by the physician for sinusitis. For instance, when you have acute sinusitis, you’d need antibiotics as there are germs involved. Not completing the complete cause of antibiotics is dangerous as it might make a new strain of bacteria that are senile.

There have been a number of instances of antibiotic-resistant bacteria surfacing globally. And it’s extremely tricky to discover new antibiotics which could treat such cases. Because the bug which causes sinusitis is usually powerful, most ENT specialists opt for strong third-generation antibiotics. Therefore, to be able to prevent sinusitis from recurring, you want to follow the physician’s prescription and finish the dosage each time you take medicine for your sinus health issues. Similarly, if you are prescribed with steroid nasal spray, then you want to finish the course in order for the inflammation to be totally cured.

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Whenever you have low immunity, it would be hard for the body to fight infections effectively. People with HIV or cancer patients have a much poorer immune system and they cling to sinusitis readily. If you’ve got a weak constitution, it’s ideal to keep a healthy body through proper nutrition and a great deal of exercise.

Taking vitamin supplements is highly recommended since we don’t always eat a balanced diet. Our immune system may also be affected by fungus. So, you will need to be careful if you’re having recurrent sinusitis. You might be suffering from fungal sinus disease.