Stress: How Can You Cope With Bad Stress? Most of us have stress. Although, the majority of the time once we talk of anxiety we imply the negative kind, some stress is beneficial. An example is when we choose to get married. This is an experience which needs to be a positive, joyful time for all those involved. It’s stressful though. Stress can be a contributor to a number of the worst health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Bad stress

It might even contribute to psychological wellness, our immune system and how well we sleep. There are as many ways to positively cope with stress because there are those who deal with this. Some even decide to not handle the stress in life or else they cope with it via substance abuse like alcohol or drugs. This is only a temporary fix for people who choose it as it doesn’t help with the stress and many time it can make matters worse. I would like to check at some positive ways to manage stress.

Just think a few of the things which cause you stress. Now consider how you deal with those stressors. I myself like to read, watch a sunset, go fishing or take a nice long bubble bath. I also choose prayer. Some select meditation, a day at the beach, or taking a long hike up into the hills. Another way that I find to deal with stress is to learn how to give up things that I could do nothing about. Some of the reason that we get worried over things is because we feel out of control.

Who has the control?

Believing that we have some control over specific situations is a lie. There are things in this life which we can’t control. An example is becoming stressed out over our adult kids. Why do we believe that we can control our adult children and the choices they make? Yes, we love them and we can give advice, if requested, but that’s the extent of our influence. We can’t make decisions for them, nor will we assume responsibility for the choices they make.

What are some things that stress you? How can you deal with stress? Do you believe you could allow some things in your life go to enhance the awful stress in your life? Life point: Let go of those negative things in your life that cause you anxiety. Sometimes that means letting some relationships move. Some “friends” are poisonous. Some things in life are beyond our control and thus do not stress. Find ways that help you deal with stress and allow all the other things go.