What does it really take to get gluten free? This is something which I discuss with patients nearly each and every day in my practice and it’s surprising the misconceptions that a lot of individuals have regarding gluten free diets. Many thyroid patients have found, from several sources, the first thing they should do after getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune form of hypothyroidism, is implement a completely gluten free diet.

What to do?

If you have a resistant sensitivity to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, and processed oats, then your body is producing antibodies to that food each and every time it sees it. That means you’re creating inflammation in the gut and throughout the whole body. So even if you go two weeks, or even four times gluten-free, after which you have only a little bit, well, you have completely reversed everything that you have done, and you have essentially gone back to square one. Every time you eat it you lift the antibodies and inflammation all over again and it take weeks or months to clean this from the body.

The truth is that for a few Hashimoto’s patients, by simply removing gluten they make plenty of progress without doing lots of the other stuff which may be done to genuinely regulate the immune system in Hashimoto’s patients. For 99 percent of Hashimoto’s patients this nutritional supplement step is the first step that has to be taken, which is a step which you can do on your own, not knowing anything else about your issue or the way the immune system has malfunctioned. Once a Hashimoto’s patient has made first dietary changes then diagnostic measures can be taken to determine all of the other immune pathways and triggers which not working correctly.


What type of other things does a Hashimoto’s patient have to find to get on the fast track to recovery? What are the every sources of inflammation which you’re unaware of but could remove if detected? What is the extent of the damage to the GI tract in the inflammation? What is the ORDER of measures that have to be taken to move from point A to point B? Plenty of the time, on paper, the laboratory ranges will return to the normal range, but it does not mean that you feel and operate great. If these numbers look good and you feel horrible, what have you accomplished? In all reality, you have not accomplished much.


They are only manipulating numbers . Not that you don’t need that portion of the treatment, but obviously it is not addressing the actual issue. So just to recap, if you have started a gluten free diet, it really needs to be 100 percent gluten-free diet, also it is not a gluten-free diet in any way, and you are not going to get any advantage from it. Two, if you have had this problem for quite a long time and you are only making that shift, it can take a while before you find any benefit out of it. There’s the possibility you could begin to see changes within the first week, but for others there is so much harm done as a result it might take weeks, and you simply need to know that it is something which must be done.