As you already know, sport can help you lose weight! But which sport?

It can seem hard enough to lose weight without adding sports. Physical activity is a great way to keep you active without feeling bored. You won’t even think about snacking during your physical activity. It boosts your mood and burns calories. Sport isn’t as useless as people believe if you are trying to lose weight.

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It’s hot on vacation, or right before you leave, and all you want is to stop training for a few more weeks. This is not the best choice. You can keep your cardio rhythm in check by engaging in endurance activities. It’s easy to forget that this kind of long-term activity uses fat to produce energy. While this won’t necessarily lead to weight loss, it can “break in” your metabolism.

The body’s magic touch is that it can adapt to stress and keep the weight it has gained (even extra weight ). If this effort is repeated, it may even go as far as to store fat in advance in order to prepare for this caloric expenditure. After a lot of effort, we are more likely to eat more or richer foods. This exercise is not more beneficial in the end.

You can add another activity to the basic activity such as a split or HIIT type. This will increase the metabolic rate by using other energy sources, primarily sugars. After the intense effort, and even after a few days of endurance, the fat can still be mobilized.

Combining these two types of exercises, medium intensity, long duration endurance, and high intensity, will increase your chances to lose fat and help you reap the benefits of your diet. You can take advantage of the vacation season to get longer workouts and more frequent sessions. Enjoy your workout.

So, to effectively lose fat, combine cardio and weight training!

Cardio training can be a great way to burn calories. The activity itself and the hours following will determine how much you spend. Cardio training can help you build muscle mass depending on what sport you are involved in. Cardio training activities include running, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing and Zumba. Find out more about cardio training.

Contrary to what many people believe, weight training can help you lose fat. You can increase your basal metabolism rate by gaining muscle. This is the minimum energy your body requires to survive. In low-intensity physical activities, our muscles burn fat. You can burn more fat if you build muscle, and even more if you are at rest. This activity should not be underestimated. Find out more about weight training and how it can help you lose weight.

Calories burned: You don’t have to rely on how many calories you burn or the intensity of your effort to lose weight. In proportion to calories burned, our bodies burn more fat when we work at lower intensity than high intensity. Research has shown that moderate intensity is the best way to lose weight.

It is best to combine cardio training with weight training to lose fat as quickly and effectively as possible. These are the top sports for losing fat.