Herpes Simplex Virus, and especially genital herpes, is thought to affect one in four sexually active adults. Personally, I think the numbers may be higher, as a result of under-reporting of what is, for some, a very awkward situation. Currently, the only prescription medicine we hear about is Valtrex and even then, you hear that nothing can cure herpes and that, despite medication, it is still possible to spread it. If that will not put a damper in your lovelife, I do not know what will.

Keep in Mind

But there are things you can do, accountable measures you can take, to reduce both your severity and incidence of herpes outbreaks in addition to the prospect of spreading herpes to another.

  • Learn what your herpes triggers are. Your main tool, definitely, is self-monitoring. Different individuals have different triggers for herpes outbreaks. By paying attention, you will find out when you’re more inclined to outbreak from sun exposure, stress, or arginine rich foods.
  • Learn how to recognize the predome symptoms. Everyone goes at such a fast pace that it’s easy to overlook the precursers to an outbreak but they’re always there, from 24 ot 48 hours prior to the actual outbreak. If you can learn how to listen to that very first tingling sensation at an earlier outbreak area, that very first feeling of pain in the lymph nodes of the groin, and any feelings of warmth in the area, you can take preventative actions that may prevent an outbreak.
  • Avoid arginine-rich foods. For women and men into body-building, it is important to check at any weight building or sports nutrition formulas you are taking, and be certain they don’t contain important doses of arginine. Even in the event that you’re able to choose an arginine-rich formula normally, you can forgot them through predome or stressful circumstances and reduce the possibility of outbreak being triggered by arginine.
  • Increase lysine-rich foods. Lysine tricks the herpes virus into believing it can partner with it, in a way of speaking, and helps neutralize it. It is also possible to take lysine capsules. Foods rich in lysine include fish, poultry, cheese and fresh vegetables.
  • Boost your immune system. Take a fantastic antioxidant formula to help your immune system, which is your first line of defense against herpes, function at high alert.
  • Keep tea tree oil handy. Tea tree oil will kill the herpes virus on the surface and several find that using the oil directly to preceding outbreak regions whenever predome symptoms begin can help prevent an outbreak. If the oil burns, it may be diluted.
  • Use ice through predome. Another way to possibly avert an outbreak would be to utilize and ice pack in the very first indication of predome symptoms.


This isn’t an article on safe sex but it makes sense that using a condom when you feel an outbreak may be coming on, and abstaining altogether once an outbreak is present is smart. Finally, bear in mind that one in four sexually active adults have the virus so that it might be that you telling him or her will open the door for them to tell you. And there are also dating clubs for individuals with herpes so if the possibility of having to show you’ve got herpes is simply too daunting, please realize you do not need to stop dating altogether just because you’ve got herpes.