By nature and nurture, “yes” energy is an uphill struggle. According to Alison Ledgerwood, our basic view of the world will tilt toward the negative. That leads me to think that being positive is an uphill battle, at least for many people. Humans are hardwired to search for the threats and risks in their lives.

Let’s start

Eons ago that was a life-or-death need. That wiring today just contributes to pessimism and negativity, reactions to the perceived or real risks found by that early wiring system. Compounding your natural propensity for negativity, you were raised by people with the identical propensity and are surrounded by these sort of people too.

You know people that are positive and optimistic by nature. Are they the exception to the principle of the people you know? Can you see yourself getting a yes-energy individual? It makes a big difference in the world to go for yes vitality, to climb to the peak of that hill. You owe it to yourself to change your attitude and change your environment. I know I seem like a know-it-all stating that, but I’m the messenger , so don’t deny my recommendation from hand.


Having “no” energy and being pessimistic is bad for your health, and your health gets worse as you get older. Most aging folks I know do not like undergoing their health and physical decline. I guess nobody does, so take note that it gets worse as you get older. According to scientists, obtaining a weaker immune system contributes to poorer health for the pessimistic. An observation of mine is that people with “no” energy wear miserable faces, and those faces sag and wrinkle with age even more than happy faces do.

And these sages and wrinkles exaggerate the sad look. Unhappy faces are not as loveable as joyful faces, you know. Would you have love Mrs. Doubtfire if she had had an unhappy face? Another disadvantage to not fighting that natural bad trend is that pessimists have a poorer work and sports functionality. They get frustrated with challenges and give up more easily.

You can not win a battle or score a match if you give up too soon. It requires optimism in your ability to learn and continue to win. Along with that propensity to walk away too soon is a lower work satisfaction. Ick. Having a job that you aren’t happy with gives you reason to be negative and have “no” energy.


The desire for work satisfaction and winning will ideally help induce you to positive energy, and also to wins. The bottom line for pessimists and negative people is that they have lower resiliency to psychological, career, and financial reverses. Since life happens to everybody, and all of us have setbacks, you are not alone there. You have the option of turning your attitude around, studying the fundamentals of resiliency, and embracing yes energy.

Yes energy comes from discovering and having purpose. That pulls you toward the valued results you seek in life with your health, work satisfaction, winning and success at work and in sports. You’ll be more attractive as you age also; and the world can use more great looking old individuals. People with yes energy have more creativity, productivity, and involvement also. Delightfully those traits fuel your energy reserves. Those traits contribute to your sense of function of nicely, again fueling your energy reserves. Then there’s the resiliency issue.


Positive men and women are more resilient to setbacks due to the ability to tap that purpose-reservoir. You have drive, endurance, and achievement. That affirms your energy and positive attitude. That supports energy. Your energy is not an infinite resource. It needs to be nurtured. Saying yes to the things that support your goal renews that source. Surrounding yourself with people who say yes and pursue their purpose renews that source, or at least does not drain it. You can not lose with yes energy. Are you prepared to measure your positive attitude and yes energy a notch – or 2? If you say yes to this, you’re on your way to a healthier, happier, more productive, and more fulfilling lifestyle.