Innocent children shouldn’t have to receive a life threatening illness or even a minor illness due to the water they drink. Water that hasn’t been through a drinking water purification system was linked to a lot of childhood diseases – cancer, asthma, cancer, immune disorders, behavior issues, and learning disorders.


Drinking water treatment systems may get rid of the harmful contaminates in our water so we do not need to worry about our kids getting diseases from the water they drink. Because children’s immune systems aren’t as developed as ours, their defenses are reduced and can not fight off toxins in their body such as an adult can.

To fight off the toxins that enter their own body through contamination in the atmosphere, through harmful chemicals in their food supply, and in their water that hasn’t been through a drinking water purification system, they have to absorb more water to flush those toxins out. If that water isn’t the purest water possible their small immune systems may be fighting a losing battle against illness.

Did you know?

The quantity of radicals allowed in our drinking water by health criteria are based on the possible health effects to adults. The adults setting these criteria didn’t consider the effects the harmful contaminates could have on a small child’s body. Children ingest twice as much water per pound of weight than adults do, so when the water hasn’t past through a drinking water purification system to remove the harmful chemicals and contaminates they’re getting a larger dose than the adult is.

Their youthful undeveloped bodies are more sensitive to the unpleasant results. Now I’m not guaranteeing that your child won’t ever get one of these diseases if you purchase drinking water treatment systems for their water, place you’re helping to protect them. You’re eliminating one of the possible causes, so that they have a better prospect of not getting these probable diseases.


We will need to do what we can do for our children and protect them from all dangers we can. The charge to filter water through a drinking water purification system can be as low as one or two cents per 8 ounce glass of water, depending on what system you buy. That’s a small investment to minimize your child’s chance of having a disease. Do the right thing and think about drinking water treatment systems now. Look for a two -phase model which uses carbon filtration, ion exchange, and sub micron filtration to guard against all known contaminates in water.