Everybody is worried about the prospect of grabbing the swine flu (H1N1), a kind of influenza that has just emerged. I’ve been asked what could be done to prevent infection by the swine flu using herbal supplements. Volumes have been written on the topic of immune-boosting supplements. Since the question appears to be of vital concern, particularly in case you’ve been listening to the news recently,


I will cover what I believe, just the very best ways to boost your immune system with Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have to diverge for a moment, if you’re seriously interested in building a strong immune system as a few lifestyle problems also have to be implemented. Otherwise, regardless of what supplements you take, long term benefits will elude you. I’ll only list the absolute essential practices you need in your everyday life to keep your immune system in equilibrium or homeostasis.

Getting enough sleep is important. Drink water and workout everyday. Exercise is also a wonderful way to decrease stress, which is next on this listing. Eat a wholesome diet, think variety and eat as little sugar as possible. If you’re not integrating these practices into your daily life, you’re weakening your immune system and some other range of ailments will find you a welcome host. That having been said, boosting your immune system with Chinese herbs can and can help you prevent infections, but herbal supplements aren’t an overnight fast fix.

Herbal help

Chinese herbal formulations should be taken for at least one month to get a powerful, durable effect. Adaptogenic herbs like ginseng, shiitake mushrooms, ganoderma, (also known as reishi mushrooms), astragalus, cordyceps and eleuthero are herbs on peak of this”boost the immune system” list. Adaptogenic herbs do precisely what their name suggests, they help the body in”adapting” to its surroundings. Remember Chinese herbs are taken inside a formula, as opposed to individually, to increase synergistic actions between herbs. Scientific studies have demonstrated these herbs all encourage and increase the body’s immune functions.

These adaptogenic herbs have compounds such as polysaccharides which boost the body’s natural killer cells, also called lymphocytes. Extensive studies also support the claims that these herbs foster the action of antibodies, enhance the body’s resistance to stress and ailments, help balances stress, reduces allergies, enhance energy and promote healthy liver functions, just to mention a few.

Final note

A side note, if you’re taking immuno-suppresant drugs these herbs aren’t recommended as they have powerful immune enhancing effects that could raise the probability of rejection of these medication and thus may seriously undermine an individual’s health. Most of all, if you’re looking to buy any medicinal herbs please purchase from a trusted source which you can trust. There are several companies who don’t begin with high quality crude herbs. Quality herbs, testing for contaminants, proper storage and preparation are vital to ensuring a herbal products potency. I can not stress enough, the importance of understanding that your buying from a respectable source.