With acne affecting nearly 90 percent of the populace at least sometime in our lives, it is not surprising that there are a wide assortment of acne remedies available to select from. Some people today seek out the help of a dermatologist and start a regimen of prescription medication to treat moderate to severe acne. Others use home remedies as their principal cure.

Acne home remedies

These are a particularly good solution for folks that would like to avoid some of the potential side effects that include more powerful acne medications or people searching for a cheaper acne therapy. Proper nutrition is crucial for healthy skin as it impacts the rest of your body also. It’s important to be certain that your body receives the necessary minerals and vitamins required to maintain your health, both on your body generally and to the skin in particular. In addition to basic healthier eating, you may also want to consider adding certain nutritional supplements to your diet, such as vitamin B-complex, vitamin C and vitamin A.

These vitamins specifically have been demonstrated to help maintain the vitality of skin. Keeping you skin nourished on the interior and clean on the outside can also be significant. This means you want to make certain to drink loads of water. Moreover, proper cleansing is an absolute necessity. Herbal facial cleansers used twice per day plus a fantastic moisturizer should work just fine. This will help eliminate sweat, oil, and grime that accumulates throughout the day. Don’t overdo it though.

Good to know

Washing your face or other affected areas too much can actually aggravate your acne instead of treat it. Besides the treatments mentioned previously, there are a couple other home remedies you may want to think about. Among the most common acne home remedies popular now is colloidal silver. This acne treatment could be applied directly to the skin on affected area or, if desired, may be taken orally by mixing it with juice, water or other beverages.


It has long been known as with several health benefits and as it happens, there are a number of specific advantages from using garlic to treat acne. Specifically, garlic capsules can be taken in order to kill bacteria that cause acne. Additionally, an additional bonus effect is that it helps strengthen your immune system. And do not worry, most garlic capsules are odorless, so you don’t need to think about depriving yourself of acne simply to create an equally embarrassing condition in the form of a persistent odor of garlic all the time.

Another popular resource for acne home remedies is burdock root and dandelion root, two herbal acne treatments popular with some acne patients. Much like garlic capsules, they have properties that help kill acne-causing germs on the skin. Additionally, they’re also utilised to help the body remove toxins and other compounds. Lavender oil and tea tree oil are two other popular acne home treatments. These oils can be applied directly to the skin on affected regions. They help soothe skin and do away with a myriad of bacteria without harsh side effects.


It’s important to be aware that all of these acne home remedies should be viewed as dietary supplements instead of a primary line of defense against any health condition, such as acne. However, many acne sufferers report great results after adding such home remedies for their acne-fighting regimen. You should think about giving some of these acne home remedies a try too and with any luck, you will also see similar results.