The design and origin of this physical body is created on simple events. Integrating these basic events has generated an integrated physical body with the basis of its simplicity is based on water. Water is what it requires. The components, minerals are what it requires.

Inner Knowledge

We’ve given it until now all of the components of food, this diet or that diet, but we’ve been free from focusing on sea and water or cell salts. Use salt and water as the main nutrients. It is said that oxygen is the main element of the physical body. It’s water that’s for if water was free of being around, oxygen would split into what? And how would it behave? It’s water which allows it to dissolve and conveys it through the infinite spaces it evolves, including the religious soul being and the physical body.

Water is one of the resources of all that is. Spirit invites us to use our instinct (instinct meaning being in tuned to) to maintain tuned to and with the physical body; to listen to what it’s inviting us to drink at the quantity of water and to ingest in the method of sea or cell salts. These recommendations of amounts are merely earth dimensional numbers which we use here to quantify, but that unconsciously our internal spiritual soul being has an inner knowledge of what the physical body needs and is asking for.

Infinite Gratitude

So soul invites us to be in tuned with it and listen to what the body needs and is asking for and then present it in Infinite gratitude for the gift that it provides usthus, completing the boundless circle. Among the infinite ways to energize the water we consume is when we have a crystal bowl or know of someone who does or a means of employing one, we can use the crystal bowl to take regular tap water or bottled water and energize it with the properties of this crystal bowl.

Simply take the water (either with or without the sea or cell salts from the water), put it in the skillet, and then play with the bowl crystal together with the water in it. This will energize the water and supply electrically energized oxygenated water, that when drinking will hydrate and stimulate the immune system energetically.

Blessing the Water

Another of the infinite possibilities is to just hold the water in a cup or a container and just bless the water in Infinite gratitude for its adoring nourishing essence that it presents us. As Dr. Emoto shows us inside the book “The Hidden Messages in the Water”, which confirmed for me what Spirit has imparted the wisdom of is that the thoughtenergy we put within the water we drink will produce the experience we’ll embody within us.

When I stumbled upon his book many years back which was affirmation to me that what soul requested of me inside the gifting of blessings in the water I drink was really now scientifically proven. Thus, if our thoughtenergy is of the water is dirty or it has chlorine in it and I can’t drinking water or it tastes bad or does not have any flavor, I hate water then this is exactly what will be in our experience.

Thus, holding the water and being at the thoughtenergy of gifting this water with absoulute love (soul’s word for soulful love, absoulute love) and boundless gratitude for its adoring nourishing essence that it presents by blessing it in whatever manner we so choose, loving it and thanking it for it is nourishment, that anything and everything we need is right there inside this glass of water, its blessings to us will be what we call here on this earth dimension as miraculous.

Positive thinking

If we state in our thoughtenergy boon to the water in gratitude, thanking the water to the cleansing and nourishment that it is providing usalong with a request that the water supply us with all that the body is asking in this instant, every vitamin, mineral, each energetic method of this water supplying us with the harmonious synchronicity that the physical body and all its’ systems utilize to operate, that this will electrically energize the water and offer the body with everything it utilizes to function.

We’re encouraged to work with out thoughtenergy to think our blessing (or prayer or intention) instead of talking it. We may speak these words of blessing if we so choose, however if we’re in our thoughtenergy believing something else besides what we’re saying, then whatever it’s that we’re thinking will manifest in the water instead of of what we physically speaking, as we’re telepathic thoughtenergy spiritual soul beings who’ve chosen to be talking beings.

Did you know?

Within the drinking and eating of foods and substances apart from water always, then one is within what we call here on this earth dimension within an acidic condition. This acidic condition is what results from being liberated from drinking water continuously. This then produces physical body parts of the food and beverage besides water to be kept within all organs and systems. The end result of this can be what’s known on this earth dimension as the titles of liver, liver, liver, and autoimmune disorder on the physical.

I found out about the gallstones I’d developed when using an ultrasound to get kidney stones. Subsequently, I went on an eight dimensional year journey through which I dissolved and flushed out all but one gallstone. The one which was considered by traditional medicine as too large, as it had been the identical size as the gallbladder itself. As it had been trying to dislodge itself from the gallbladder to the liver, it became trapped causing the gallbladder to become inflamed to the point of nearly bursting, thus I decided to have it removed.

Be aware

With persistent dehydration the mind can also become damaged from the contaminated cell environment. This is why we see ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Lupus (which traditional medicine diagnosed the physical body my soul resides with) and Parkinson’s disease. It’s chronic dehydration that causes and acidic environment which then results in the discomforts of pain within these ailments.

When the blood of the physical body comprises an ample quantity of water, it then circulates around the tissues of the human body, and some of the water goes into the cells and brings hydrogen molecule remanants inside our elmination systems. Water flushes the acidity from the cell and leaves the cell interior alkaline–an absolutely crucial and natural spiritual and bodily resonance.

For infinite radiat physical wellbeing, the physical body invites us to maintain an alkaline resonance–pH 7.4 is your desired resonance. Why 7.4, and what is pH? The connection contained in acid and alkaline two essences being as 1, is scientifically measured on a resonance scale of 1 to 14. This scale is called pH. From 1 to 7 on this scale is that the acid range, 1 being acid than 7. From 7 to 14 on the scale is that the alkaline range; 7 is less alkaline than 14. On the pH scale, 7 is neutral, meaning that a natural resonance.

Thus, pH 7.4 of the physical body and its cells is indictative of its natural, slightly alkaline state. Adequate flow of water in and outside of the physical body and its cells keeps the physical health in a alkaline resonance. This also, is also why we exhibit what traditional medicine doctors call as higher blood pressure. High blood pressure is the result of the identical dehydration procedure within the body described with edema.