Many people doubt that a person could be treated from a mental illness by translating the meaning of the dreams. However, this is a safe and tested natural mental health treatment that always has positive outcomes. These individuals should actually be afraid of psychiatry.

Mental health

With all my admiration for those professionals who truly want to help their patients although the scientific understanding of our ancient time is so basic, I must condemn the mental health treatments that are respected and accepted today as though they were scientific remedies, while their’science’ relies on dangerous theories. The history of psychiatry was marked by many experiments which tortured the mentally ill through several ways from the beginning of its creation.

Until today many patients have to take psychiatric drugs against their will, while there’s absolutely not any guarantee that this medication will not cause more problems than potential advantages to the patients’ emotional health. Many side effects such as tremors and tics are reported by individuals who took psychiatric medication and felt destroyed by their physicians. Some psychiatric medications provoke suicidal tendencies and various abnormal reactions which the patients did not have before taking them.


There are no valid and specific tests that could enable a psychologist confirm which mental illness is affecting a specific patient. The diagnosis depends upon the conclusions of the physician. Most psychiatrists are affiliates of drug firms. Therefore, they decide which medicine every individual should have, while they make money with commissions. Thus, psychiatry is an obscure science that deals with dangerous chemical mixtures, and mainly works based on advertisements. A psychiatrist isn’t a psychotherapist.

He/she merely prescribes the medicine that the patient needs to take according to his private judgment, without attempting to understand the emotional problems of the individual. Despite the fact that there’s absolutely not any safety whatsoever about psychiatric therapies, many people trust psychiatrists because they consider that these physicians are experts. These people keep taking drugs, and hoping to heal their mental health issues with the useless and harmful chemical compounds given by physicians that are gradually changing them into vegetables with no personality.

Take into account

Despite the fact that they keep trying new drugs rather than solving their problems, they insist on trying to address their mental health issues this way. They’re encouraged to do so by many advertising campaigns. Psychiatric medications are encouraged everywhere and accepted as though they were useful, while they do not heal a mental illness and their consequences are extremely dangerous. Since psychiatrists ignore the inner functioning of the human brain, they ruin their patients’ immune system.

Even when their drugs figure out how to temporarily alleviate the symptoms that torture their patients, they do not help them gain consciousness. Besides having many side effects, these drugs cause dependency and serious withdrawal issues. All psychiatrists and psychologists need to learn how to correctly interpret the meaning of dreams in line with the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me to be able to comprehend how to heal a mental illness.

Subconscious mind

The subconscious mind which produces our fantasies works like a pure psychotherapist because we’re absurd from birth. We are in need of psychotherapy, and we get it in our dreams. I needed to follow another path so as to discover the causes of mental disorders and how they can be totally cured. If I’d imitate the pros of my historical time I’d merely repeat their errors. Dream therapy based on the scientific method of dream interpretation relies on divine wisdom, rather than on human suppositions.

The scientific translations are true thanks to Carl Jung’s remarkable discoveries and research, as I could prove for having the ability to continue his research by translating the meaning of dreams based on his strategy. The unconscious psychotherapy is the only one which assists the patient recover the consciousness he lost together with the intrusion of the absurdity of the anti-conscience to his conscience. We can’t eliminate absurd ideas with chemical compounds and blind experiments based on suppositions.