By way of these amazing scripture, this report sets out how we can each encounter Divine Potential, that of magic consciousness. Matthew 7: 13-14 puts it: “enter ye through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate that leads to hell”. A most telling verse really. But, to where exactly is this educational verse guiding.

Take into account

Let us put some meat on this skeleton sentence and see what esoteric nourishment could be gleaned from it. Let’s discover how this specific scripture can change our life dramatically for the great. We’re each inner equipped for spiritual awakening. But, until we connect consciously with the school or dynamic of stirring, then scriptures as these stay at their intellectual worth only. Literal reading of the scripture isn’t sufficient, such doesn’t touch upon the school way of soul awakening and skill of directly knowing miracle consciousness.

More than ever now, it’s time for moving into personal empowerment, into direct experience of the Divine within each of us. In this circumstance, no outer means — such as written or spoken words that are inspirational and directing only — can give us God, only because you already have God. Evolution-wise, It’s far past time for evolving beyond restricting religious dogmas and fear-driven belief systems to real reality and spiritual maturity, into direct God-Presence or wonder consciousness.


It’s important here to keep in mind that, biblical ‘church’ isn’t referring to a physical building, but to one’s consciousness. Similarly, the biblical term ‘Jew’ describes being’inwardly’ — one seeking God within. The term isn’t referring to the Jewish state or its people. Thus the words in addition to the crucifixion read: ‘hail king of the Jews’ significance, praise (awakening) be the inwardly directed soul trying their own Christ within.

At our core, we are each wired for ‘inwardly’: every encoded for celestial seeking. Thus the Matthew scripture above is referring to spiritual awakening through our own inward way of mind only. Narrow gate is speaking to getting’least’ or smallest in reduced self, and broad gate speaking to the outside world, to the carnal mind’s addictive fascination and affiliation with the conditioned five senses and their animalistic standard.

There are two gates. One leading to paradise another to hell. The gate to heaven is the strait, or narrow gate – being inwardly searching – and the gate resulting in hell is the outer broad gate of’world’ sense consciousness. What practicalities are involved for entering into this narrow gate: how can you enter through it? Do we enter with our belief systems, our creeds, our social standing, our spiritual faith flags? And, where especially inside is this narrow gate situated? To put it differently, what is the password to paradise, to wonder consciousness?


The password to paradise is CONVERGENCE. Narrow gate — meaning psychological convergence — is triggered in the brain, while the broad gate functions under regulation of religious ignorance: lower-self or animalistic standard, here known as hell. At the functioning level, both gates represent polar opposite states of mind. The reason being, is that, we have to learn from our broad range experiences and, through such learnings, select 1 gate regular over the other.

Thus, having chosen to be inwardly or, narrow gate, we take practical steps in that way, of realizing direct narrow gate consciousness. Making this selection of getting inwardly and taking the first inward measures in that respect, takes individual courage. But the procedure — that is explained here — is really not difficult but does require commitment and dedication. To put it differently, we make our decision and follow through no matter what our broad gate experiences throw at us.

Keep in mind

So that is our biblical encouragement during this process of getting’inwardly’. Wide gate consciousness represents and suits the lower-self just — the conditioned mind-senses character – here termed hell or suffering — while narrow gate satisfies or increases the soul/heart into aware Eternal standard. By making a false persona, broad gate identification leads to loss of religious identity — hence the saying’what great in beating the world, if in doing this, we lose our soul’.

So, ‘narrow gate’ originally is about NARROWING the broad gate character: narrowing the dotted irresolute intellect: narrowing the actions of the incessant surface believing mind and its appeal with broad gate or’the world’ degree of sense consciousness. Like the tortoise withdrawing its limbs into its shell, narrowing the psychological focus is how the sensations become withdrawn or detached from their objects of fascination — both psychological and physical.

This is the ‘inwardly’ procedure for transforming wide gate dependence experiencing into spiritually satisfying narrow gate consciousness. Part of the crucifixion’s symbolic or esoteric message is shown in the picture at which Jesus’ eyes – on the cross — are converged. Narrowing the psychological broad strand through convergence thus reproduces private crucifixion of the generated false character, carnal mind or lower self.

Good to know

Daily practice in ‘convergence’ enables the mind adapt to tackling two states of consciousness simultaneously: universe consciousness and eternal consciousness (broad gate and narrow gate). Prior to this operational ability, the brain-nervous system functioned only in mono or single state focus. We’re now getting into the realm of wonder understanding of where narrow gate discernment becomes spiritual Conqueror over fictitious persona-driven wide gate wisdom. As convergence becomes established, we are no longer under the compulsion and dominance of this false persona, of broad gate attractions: we now make conscious decisions formulated through the Resolute intellect instead of the irresolute.

The mind intellect re-calibrate from animalistic mono into easing time and timelessness — relative and absolute – concurrently within the nervous system. Remembering that we come into this world uploaded in mono only. Now, a New capacity of consciousness was triggered, revealed, awakened, that of understanding’paradise on earth’ at individual level. Biblically phrased: “heaven and earth (within) are full of thy glory” – full spiritual potential is always available through being ‘inwardly’ converged. Tolerance to convergence requires time to grow. I say older, because, there’s so much bliss connected with converged stage — older narrow gate — the nervous system requires time to acclimatize, become cultured into withstanding waves of pure bliss (biblical rapture).

Take note

It takes repeated ‘relationship’ with this mind/body structure relationship to finally’wed’, adapt to the surge of pure energy with no dilutor influence of the artificial broad strand character. At this level, one encounters Divine Presence within as different from outer world gate action. The term’least’ biblically may also translate’stage’ as in, point consciousness. Once mature point, or least, becomes established in understanding, the individual spirit – in its combined facet — becomes free into aware infinity – transcendence or, the non-permeated condition of Being without risk of re-capture from the glare of broad gate experiencing.

To put it differently, new want seeds no more take deep root for future re-enacting, or potential karmic debt. The key of deep-sea diving is entering the water at the right angle. To help in diving deep inside the mind, let’s introduce’the appropriate angle’ automobile, the headline, Aum. Mantra takes the mind naturally and effortlessly from its familiar conscious terms of reference to this non-familiar unconscious spiritual level. Mantra is the brain’s natural way of convergence that convergence introduces the head to the unified field of consciousness. It accomplishes this by means of converged eyes and focussed inner hearing.

Focussed eyes and internal hearing take the head to the mid-brain point, which point activates the pineal gland into support. Bearing in mind that the conscious and unconscious are two distinct minds, instead, two facets of a divided mind. Thus the mantra – meaning mind automobile – incorporates or unifies this thought-created separation by taking the mind through all the levels of the unconscious aspect thereby making it aware or full. In this context, mantra acts like a deep-sea vibratory torch bringing conscious awareness to unconsciousness, to the non-awakened component of mind. Aum reproduces the subtle sound of the world to which internal hearing attunes.

Take into account

This sacred sound as mentioned with clinic recalibrates the mind to oscillate at between 1-3 cycles per second — the Delta or Divine state. During Aum, the eyes and inner hearing converge naturally between the eyebrows, which ‘stage centring’ activates the pineal and pituitary glands. This is the way left / right brain harmonization or complete spectrum brain consciousness, comes about, or, expansion of consciousness. In this new mind lively, awareness functions through subconscious focus – free-flowing thought — instead of selective ego-driven conscious mind content or jagged surface thoughts thinking.

To put it differently, as the conscious capacity of mind expands, consciousness is no longer filtered THROUGH something, through mind-set conditioning, as formerly. As reality starts revealing itself through the eternal Present Moment, the Now, life is no more experienced via the rear-view mirror of conditioned mind-sets and blinkered societal vision. Our life no longer reflects fear-driven agendas, that of automatic reaction action to previous conditioning.

We’re now free to LIVE and not only exist prisoner-like THROUGH the looped content of many or one controlling mind-sets. Remember, mind-set dictates your life. Because life is currently perceived and experienced through greater awareness, it is like touching base with our religious landscape for the very first time. Convergence has freed us from the illusion of the thought-created world.

Did you know?

There’s a bust statue of a Pine cone in the garden section of the Vatican. This symbol – speaking to the pineal gland — is rarely spoken about in faith, yet its esoteric message is paramount to the spiritual awakening procedure. Many are knowledgeable about verbal chanting, especially that of Aum or Om. We’re going to show how this mantra can be gotten more purely, subtler other than surface decibel hearing. Chant at regular surface level for around 20/30 seconds.

Now, reduce and stop outer verbal recitation and keep inner hearing of mantra non-verbally or quietly inside from this deeper angle. To put it differently, enter’minus’ decibel hearing and keep deepening the minus amount of the internal hearing. We’re now bringing surface headline hearing from 14-21 cycles per second of Beta brain rate to 4-7 cps inner hearing of the Theta unifying state. With ongoing practice, we could diminish the brain’s oscillations even deeper to 1-3 cps, that’s the Delta state.

This amount equates to Transcendence or God-Vibratory state. If the mind drifts into broad gate, and it will — that is why we practice — pause for around 3 seconds, then recommence’inner hearing’. Each recommenced’inner hearing’ is from a deeper level, thus, every mantra restart signifies progress in expansion of awareness, nothing is missing, only gain. As miracle consciousness grows, we come to know, that, converged point and infinity are equivalent: are permeated by time, space and causation.

Final note

Point, on internal contact, equates to concentrated bliss or natural happiness that divides into Infinity, unboundedness, which infinity collapses into stage to burst again and again each time’point contact’ is attained in meditation. Point and Infinity both comprise the eternal memory of one another. The need today as a species, I believe, is toning back on literal religiosity and rather view scriptures as planned – educational in consciousness development. It’s worth noting that, lots of the early scriptures were written by advanced Yogis and Rishis — coping with the way the brain functions, and how, through abuse, thoughts can work either for us or against us our very best friend or worse enemy. Individual convergence really is the method of creating and establishing a miracle-functioning consciousness beyond doctrinal dogma and belief systems.