While body image problems are usually related to women, many recent studies have revealed that guys are also worried about their appearance; if you’re one of these, the P90X exercise program can help you. A growing number of men are seen to suffer from dissatisfaction with their bodies, to the extent at which it starts to interfere with their social lives.

Exercise programs

But the P90x Exercise Program can address these issues by assisting you to meet your fitness objectives and provide you the body that you have always wanted in just 90 days. 3. And a P90X exercise guide full of valuable information that can allow you to get the most from the program.

The fundamental principle behind the P90x Exercise Program workouts is “muscle confusion” where new exercises are continuously being introduced to challenge your body and lead to new muscle growth. This principle addresses the fundamental flaw behind many exercise programs, which is the body “plateaus” because it becomes accustomed to the exercises, reducing their efficacy.

Take note

By regularly changing patterns, different muscles are constantly being challenged and developed. Each exercise is demonstrated on a different DVD so you’ll have the ability to find the correct way to do each exercise and follow along.

  • Chest and Back. This workout uses the basic push-ups and pull-ups so as to construct upper-body strength and produce a sculpted chest and back.
  • Plyometrics. This intense cardio workout utilizes jumping exercises to enhance your athletic performance and give you the winning edge.
  • Shoulders and Arms. Get well-toned wrists and shoulders with this exercise, that highlights curling, pressing and fly moves.
  • Yoga X. This exercise aims to develop not just your strength, but your coordination and flexibility.
  • Legs and Back. Develop your thighs muscles using squats, squats and pulling exercises.
  • Kenpo X. Another high-intensity cardio workout which will not just develop your endurance and coordination, but also teach you some exceptionally effective self improvement moves.
  • X Stretch. This stretching routine can allow you to avoid accidents during some of the more intricate exercises by developing your flexibility and increasing your range of movement. Additionally, it will help you avoid reaching a plateau so the workouts will continue to work.
  • Core Synergistics. The exercises in this workout develop the heart backbone, lumbar and back muscles by using multiple muscle groups, while boosting overall whole-body improvement.
  • Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. This workout is intended to define your upper body through exercises such as extensions, presses and flys.
  • Back and Biceps. Both women and men can tone their biceps with this exercise, which tighten and tone arm muscles.
  • Cardio X. This high-intensity workout may be utilised as a split between more intense workouts or to burn extra calories as a match to them.
  • Ab Ripper X. This eleven-exercise set won’t only offer you the six pack of your dreams, but also develop overall abdominal power to enhance general health and physical performance. It’s normally performed in coordination with a number of the workouts.

Keep in mind

The P90x Exercise Program is Organized To Help You Succeed. The program is broken into four-week training blocks comprising 3 weeks of intense exercise where your body adjusts and masters the workout. Each exercise is designed to be completed in ninety minutes, six days per week. This can be followed by one week of recovery, during which, your muscles have been allowed time to go back to their peak strength so they’re prepared for the upcoming adaptive-mastery phase.

The alternating cycles of recovery and adaptation will result in quicker and muscle growth and strength increases. Note that these gains aren’t about adding bulk to your musculature, but building strength and endurance, even though the workouts are also used to create a more muscular body. And you have a vast array of choices for mixing and matching the workouts, so you will never be bored.

Nutritional factor

The 90X Nutrition Program is especially designed to match the workouts and help you meet your fitness objectives, not through restrictive diets, but by instructing you what healthy foods you need to eat and in what elements to guarantee maximum fat-burning whilst still providing you with enough energy to get fit.

  • Fat Shredder, through which you may eat foods high in protein that will help you build muscle fast.
  • Energy Booster. In this phase a combination of protein and carbohydrates, together with low-carb foods, is used to help improve your energy levels.
  • Endurance Maximizer. So as to offer you the endurance that you want to complete the work outs, a diet of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and low-calorie fats is introduced.

The program also indicates that you match the nutrition program with the P90X supplement, a multi-vitamin formula available in capsule form which also contains phytonutrients such as anti-oxidants and plant extracts. The supplement won’t only give you additional energy but also contribute to general health gains like slowing down the ravages of aging, strengthening your immune system and boosting your memory.


Finally, notice that the P90X Exercise Program is suggested for people in the peak of physical health. If you are unable to meet the minimum physical fitness standards defined in the fitness guide, it’s suggested that you start with a lower intensity exercise before going up to the P90X Exercise Program.