Nobody wants to start holiday with a cold or the flu. Changes in patterns and vulnerability to foreign germs can make you sick. A week at a resort taking care of sick children isn’t relaxing. Follow these 12 tips to keep your family healthy when traveling.

Take note

  • Rest. Maintain your sleep schedule. This is sometimes challenging when traveling in different time zones. Jet lag and bad sleep will wreak havoc on your immune system. If at all possible, try not to alter your program too much. For those who don’t have any choice, ensure that you’re still getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night.
  • Try to eat healthy. Rent a home with a kitchen (it is actually less expensive than a hotel). You’ll have more space and you will have the ability to prepare healthful food. If you don’t wish to cook or do dishes on holiday, pick up some paper plates and plan simple snacks and meals. On holiday, we hope to indulge in some candy treats. If you gorge on sugar, your resistance will fall plus you’ll feel lousy.
  • Carry antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer. When traveling we’re exposed to a lot of foreign germs which we haven’t developed an immunity to. A plane comprises germs from all around the world. Wipe down tray tables and arm rests with an antibacterial wipe. Especially if your little one will be using it. You never know when you are going to wind up in a bathroom with no soapkeep hand sanitizer handy.
  • Probiotics. This is important. Purchase a top quality self-stable probiotic. Research indicates that quality probiotics increase immunity. Additionally, a healthy digestive system is essential in order to adequately manage the wide variety of the new foods, different components, and fresh water systems which you might be ingesting.
  • Check travel advisories. If only bottled water is recommended, only drink bottled water! Remember this warning probably includes ice, frozen beverages, tea, coffee, and raw fruits and vegetables washed in tap water. Don’t let little ones to use tap water for brushing teeth since they might swallow some of their water.
  • Zinc, Vitamin C, or other nutritional supplements. Airplanes are restricted spaces packed with people from all around the world. The recirculated air is filtered by a HEPA filter to eliminate germs, but odds are many of these germs will travel beyond you until they reach that filter. Research demonstrates that zinc can reduce the duration of a cold. There’s contradicting research about Airborne, but for the low cost, whatever you can do to increase you resistance is best.
  • Don’t schedule immunizations within three weeks prior to traveling. I’m a strong advocate of keeping an immunization schedule. Except for extenuating circumstances, like traveling. Just like a cold does, immunizations lower immunity. Schedule annual physicals for after you have returned. If you are traveling with a baby, notify the physician when you plan the trip. They may correct the immunization schedule around the trip to ensure adequate coverage when traveling. If you are traveling to a place that urges additional immunizations, schedule them when you reserve your tickets.
  • Stay away from sick individuals. If someone sounds like their hacking up a lung, then try not to sit alongside them. If you are stuck in their row on a trip, do not put your littlest alongside them, the littles are often the most vulnerable to getting sick. Keep this in mind the week or two prior to your trip also. Try to steer clear of anyone with stuffy noses or stomach aches.
  • Sensitive skin or allergies? Bring your own laundry detergent, soaps, lotions, etc.. Bring Benadryl and cortisone ointment, even if it’s available at your destination. Nobody wants to look for a pharmacy at 10:00 pm, since Susie-Q broke out in hives.
  • Exercise. Don’t lay around like a lump. Its vacation, you do not need to sprint ten miles each day, but find the lymph system pumping and the blood flowing, it raises immunity. Do something, program a hike, swim, attend a yoga class.
  • Don’t overdo it. I know that’s hard when on holiday. There are a million exciting sights and activities that you would like to cram in. Try to balance. Schedule some comfort in between the fun.
  • Don’t stress. Easy to say, but missed connections, crying children, and missing luggage adds up. Stress weakens the immune system and provides germs the chance to multiply and attack. When madness ensues, breathe deep and go with the flow. Meditation has changed lives; this might be the ideal chance to give it a go.