If there is 1 thing that most of us want, it’s to escape the cold and flu season without being ill. And for a few, that may be a reality! Why do we get sick? Our bodies have an amazingly strong defense mechanism which fends off countless millions of germs and germs daily. Our immune system is among the most effective and intricate systems on Earth. So, what permits certain viruses to get through this gigantic defense system?

Keep in mind

Sometimes, there’s only a virus or bacteria that is too unfamiliar or two powerful and it slips through. But, that’s rarely the case. Most often, we emphasise our natural defense mechanisms or divert its attention elsewhere.

  • Dehydration — our bodies need water to survive. You need a great deal of water to operate well. When our bodies are dehydrated, we’re unable to operate properly and antibodies are unable to move around our system economically. That could let viruses and germs get a foothold in our system and start multiplying.
  • Bad food choices — 70 percent of our immune system can be found in our guts. We eat millions of germs and viruses daily. In actuality, we consume more than we breathe . So, the majority of our immune system goes where the majority of the germs are. Butif we clog up the machine bad meals, our immune system starts fighting the food as opposed to the germs which means we could get sick.
  • Malnutrition — that goes right along with poor food choices. By selecting prepackaged, dead foods, we don’t give our bodies the appropriate building blocks to construct all those terrific antibodies. If you do not have the correct building blocks to construct the house, nothing gets built.
  • Chemicals — prepackaged foods and fast foods are loaded with chemicals. Alcohol, coffee, and sports drinks also contain a great deal of chemicals. Due to contamination, our air and water are full of chemicals. We’re bombarded with chemicals all the time everywhere, even those people who live the most natural and cleanly. But, you can control the quantity of chemicals you’re exposed to by selecting fresh, healthy organic foods, avoiding processed foods and adhering to water as opposed to chemical laced sports beverages.
  • Exercise (insufficient ) — many individuals do not get sufficient exercise, which may cause getting sick more frequently. As we exercise, our circulatory system can move around very quickly and economically.


People who are more sedentary in a stagnant lymphatic system. This gives you the best chance of not getting sick. There’s always the possibility you’ll get sick, I got sick this winter. But, you can do as I did, and decrease the quantity of days are ill, improve your recovery time and prevent most other lesser colds.