A wholesome life is undoubtedly the best desire of all people. In the end, without health, life radically changes its meaning. The best way to feel happy, lively and healthy in the long run will be to lead a happy, lively and healthy life in the presentday. The advantages and pleasures produced are both long-term and immediate.

What is happening?

We’re increasingly walking in a way, where people eventually realize that being healthy is significantly more than just not being sick. We can’t allow life to pass through us without living it with energy and stimulation that transmit happiness to us. We must make our lives more appealing and stimulating simply by taking a company, active and participative stance towards them. Many times, we are unable to halt the journey of life.

Despite this fact, life is also the fruit of our attitudes and behaviours. We are, thus, the result of our adventures. How to get a healthy life? To put it differently, being healthy isn’t simply the absence of illness, but the physical and psychological well-being of the person. It’s no coincidence that the WHO defines health this manner, giving the term a much wider meaning than just the basic antonyms of disease.

Keep in mind

Although health appears, obviously, to be linked to the term medicine, it goes far beyond the meaning , most times, common sense attributes to it, linking it normally, to curative medicine. Medicine is, however, much greater than that, as its main concern is disease prevention. People’s lifestyles, poor diet, stress, among other things, have contributed greatly to exacerbating the issues.

Examples include diabetes and high blood pressure, diseases closely associated with the habits of contemporary populations. Many of the problems that contemporary medicine will help to resolve could easily be avoided if followed by a number of the essentials recommendations to practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Changing habits and behaviours is critical and urgent. We don’t imply by this that we should follow to the letter all of the principles for a healthy life, as though it were a hard, painful and even castrating strategy for people. Life has to be lived with strength and enjoyment, therefore we must never become mere offenders to attitudes/behaviours that, although healthy, are equally painful and limiting. Life is composed of choices.

Balance factor

Take your consciousness, find the balance between the advantages and disadvantages of your own personal tastes, towards a healthy life and not denying that ultimately it’s your quality of life that you would like to improve. We discuss changing attitudes that excite us and lead us to happiness, and in this way improve our health state. It’s not always possible, it’s true, however in the huge majority of cases, it’s perfectly feasible. For instance, imagine a simple walk in nature or enjoy your favourite piece of fruit.

These are just two simple examples where it’s totally possible to enjoy life and increase your wellbeing at the exact same time. Healthy living can be in our hands. Don’t judge that we are able to eat excessive quantities of sugar daily and that in case one day, we’ll suffer with diabetes it will just be a matter of fate and bad luck. We can’t judge those people who are subject to high levels of stress daily, and we won’t persistently pay a high price for this. Let’s not feel we could be smokers for a long time and let’s not collect respiratory problems and a degradation of the quality of life.

Our attitudes make us believe sooner or later about our health. Obviously, our approach to life is a determining factor in making it healthier. Consider life as positive and feel good about yourself prior to any action. At least two major things to bear in mind. To start with, nutrition. A good diet can do more for your health than you think.

Take into account

Nutrition and healthy living are inseparable concepts. Secondly, physical exercise. This, since it’ll be done in the correct way, can greatly improve your health and well-being, thus leading to a better quality of life. Think of physical exercise as something positive and relaxing, not as something challenging and “it must be”. Determine which is the action that you enjoy the most and comprehend the advantages it can provide. Change only both of these variables and find a healthier life. If you would like to delve deeper into these and other subjects, we invite you to read on our website posts related to nutrition and the benefits of physical exercise. How a lot of us already feel the distress brought on by a simple backache.

Or you felt the distress caused by recurrent infections, often brought on by the weakening of our immune system. Many examples we can point out, but we’re aware that illness or distress drastically diminish our quality of life. Today we are living in an era where time has come to dictate the rules. The lack of time leads individuals to live in a constant race against this valuable commodity. We don’t have enough time to eat well, we do not have time for bodily exercise, we do not have the time to speak with people, we do not have time for many things which are deemed essential in our lives.

These behaviours, unfortunately, generate an assortment of issues, with serious consequences for our health and well-being. In the presence of those issues, on the one hand, individuals are strongly influenced in their health, on the other hand, their quality of life is considerably degraded. In a nutshell, we would say it is impossible to have a fantastic quality of life with no healthy habits. Average life expectancy a couple of decades ago was considerably lower. With improvements in living conditions and advances in medicine, it has slowly increased. Still, it is, because most of us want to live longer and better. The current objective is not merely to live longer. It is to have a durable health, that is, to lead an active, healthy, happy and goal-oriented life.


However, living longer isn’t synonymous with living better. The gain in life expectancy often comes at the cost of more or less complex treatments that, regardless of their efficacy, greatly harm people’s quality of life. We should not just need to live more, but to live better. Longevity is also in our hands. We believe, evasively, that we have to concentrate our attention on the maintenance of a healthy state, taking for granted that our attitudes in the present will have a profound effect on our future wellbeing. If you wish to live healthier and more, start taking steps in this direction, that is, measures that are firm, healthy and at the same time bring about your present well-being. Benefits of a wholesome life.

The benefits of healthy living are innumerable for people. It won’t therefore be required to explain them using an extractor, since all of us know what’s gratifying to feel healthier or, on the contrary, what is painful is to feel ill. However, the benefits of healthy living do not stop there. Health care costs are becoming more and more inconvenient for individuals, either directly or indirectly through their taxes which are channelled into the Public Health Service. There are studies which clearly demonstrate that for each dollar spent in prevention, we may have a substantial return on savings with curative health remedies.

To put it differently, the priority of investment should be channelled to disease prevention. On the other hand, the economic and social costs brought on by illness, such as absenteeism from work, are extremely important, with increasing expenditure on social protection. It’s indisputable that there is now a fantastic fascination with curative health, where medicine has evolved, extraordinarily, in the past few decades.

Final note

As we’ve seen, these advances in medicine have brought people a longer life expectancy and a greater quality of life. In the absence of health our entire life is diminished and we can’t, therefore, live it and taste it in its fullness. We must therefore reflect on our future, because our quality of life will also reflect how we live today. Therefore, a new paradigm has to emerge, where the promotion of wellness and milder attitudes on the part of individuals to prevent illness, with enormous benefits for their health, improving their quality of life and well-being. In short, it’s intended that every one of us must develop a healthy lifestyle in which health comes first.