It’s the most annoying thing, however hard you try to prevent a frequent cold at some point you’ll receive one. It’s a niggling, annoying and downright frustrating thing that us humans and other animals suffer with and there’s truly not a lot you can do about it. Everything sounds very medical and also to be honest not of much use and produces a cold sound a good deal more serious than it is. To the huge majority of us the common cold ought to be defined as “The Common Cold (Also called Man Flu, Green Stuff in lungs and nose or I wish this crap goes today)”

A Cold

A cold slows down a man, makes him ache a little, sneeze a bit and cough up lumps of green things which are supposed to be a part of our immune system. I’m sat today, coughing up lumps of green things and wondering if it’s my immune systems self-defence mechanism that’s actually making me cough more or if is the cold making me cough? Either way the challenge is to get on with life, fight through the green walls, put up with the coughs and sneezes and concentrate on greater health and the task you’ve got at hand.

The frequent cold at work is spread like wildfire, I do not know how many emails I’ve seen to notify me that “John will not be in now he’s feeling unwell” and these mails in a way are welcome since it means John won’t have the ability to talk about his germs as the possibilities he’s off with merely a frequent cold are fairly good. But the cold does spread so this becomes measure one of my suggestions to work through and work with the common cold.

What To Do?

  • Steer clear of others. The common cold is contagious. If your employer actually cares he’ll allow you to stay at home.
  • Stay positive don’t allow the cold get down your thinking – positivity and happiness are the best medicine known to mankind. If happiness and a positive outlook can cure cancer it certainly can beat a cold!
  • Rest – by all means attempt to work but the greatest sure is sleeping, let your body slow down and recover. Working at home takes some of the strain off your work commitments but getting sleep is something that you must do.
  • Stay connected. If you’re missing meetings have someone copy you about the results of the meetings, internally have a structure in place so you stay in the loop. This is simple for you to implement, do not hesitate to ask someone to take notes at a meeting you must attend.
  • Don’t be afraid to take another moment. Rest is undoubtedly the best cure for a cold. An additional day will mean that you can work almost entirely from home, you can work a bit slower and catch forty winks when you think you want to. This will firstly stop you from sharing your germs and second provide you with a good deal more power when you return to work.
  • Your health is number 1. Everyone gets a bit sick, do not attempt to be brave and go to work with a cold, you won’t be doing yourself or anyone else any favours!

Let’s see…

The points I make are somewhat selfish I know, but to obtain success and achieve your goals you want to be a bit selfish. The one person who can make your success happen is that you, without your health you can not expect to achieve it. A day off or a day of rest is an investment in your health that can yield results later on. So, companies slap me and tell me I’m wrong for telling your employees to take time off when unwell, even if it’s just a cold.

Put procedures in place to deal with this, many companies don’t have these procedures, planning for these days where a key staff member is down will provide you an edge over your conclusion.


Things will have the ability to run more smoothly with less disturbance, your employees will have respect and, this is the rub, as your staff feels confident they’ll be permitted to take time off when sick, emotionally they are going to feel more confident and happier and this is known to decrease the odds of falling unwell. Don’t ask why or how, but happiness, positivity and confidence are excellent at reducing sick days, the key several say is in reduced anxiety. Have an amazing day. I’m feeling better just having written this!