Arthritis in the hands is among the most crippling forms of arthritis. It can’t just slow you down but can often keep you from doing the things you need to do. Added to this is the fact it is often the most painful form of the disease. There are various kinds of this disease that could impact your palms and fingers.

Rheumatoid arthritis

It is often the cause of this issue. This is among the most complex kinds of these ailments. Because it’s mostly due to malfunction of the immune system it’s the toughest to treat. However there are a number of natural treatments that may help you to get relief from the inflammation and pain of the condition. They can also enable you to get more freedom in your hands and fingers.

Caster Oil

This is a frequent oil which may be bought in many stores or even online. Make certain to find the pure one with no extra additives. Massaging a little of the oil in your affected joints can allow you to find relief from your pain and get greater freedom in your hands and palms. Note that you don’t need too much of the oil for it to work. It’s rather a heavy oil so when you apply it, rub it by massaging the hand and allow a couple of hours to soak in. Applying it at night before sleeping is a great policy. There are two reasons that it functions; due to the heavy viscosity it keeps your hands warm and increases blood circulation to the hand. You want to massage the hand joints well to work in the oil. Massage is quite soothing for the joints.

Good diet

Diet is quite important once you’re suffering from any illness including arthritis. Try to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Including whole grain foods and a lot of vegetables and fruits. Additionally it is sensible to decrease junk food and keep your weight. This can help to keep you in good health and let you conquer arthritis pain better.

Gentle exercise

When you’re in pain it’s easy to stop moving your joints. This will lead to greater stiffness and pain. It’s prudent to give your hands and fingers gentle exercise keep them portable.


Massaging your joints gently can enable you to find relief from pain and increase mobility. You may use oil or just massage. This will work since it can help to loosen up muscles and calm nerves. It will transfer power and warmth into the joints.

Improving Immunity

It’s important to care for your immune system because this is the system which can help you combat diseases. When it gets out of balance in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis it’s necessary to care for it. You can do that by eating foods that are high in antioxidants and antitoxins. Nuts such as peanuts and walnuts are also great for helping the immune system.