Cancer starts in a very modest way when one cell changes in an important way, becomes a little criminal and stops obeying the principles of cell sequence and behaviour. It’s very similar to the situation in Society when one person decides to break the rules and act in an antisocial way.

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At first there might be a rather minor disruption but there’s only so much that one petty criminal can do on their own. However, if the offender builds up a group with equal antisocial values and behaviours and then this group expands and adopts additional negative traits, eventually the group can begin creating havoc. That havoc first happens within a localized area but in time when the group grows in power, the disturbance can start having impact at national and international levels.

Metastatic, invasive cancer, is the equivalent of a terrorist organisation causing significant disruptions to a country’s communication and transport systems. It might take over key functions and bring the state to its knees. Cancer begins when the genetic material of one cell is damaged. Generally this damage has no effect until that cell divides into two cells.

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At this point the cell might be able to break among the body’s crucial rules. Having broken the first rule, the cell may have the ability to continue to split forming 4 and then 8 renegade cells. The body, like Society, has a Police Force. It’s called the Immune System. It has some ability to recognize misbehaving cells but such as a Police Force it may not recognize minor misdemeanors. The truth is the Immune System may not be alarmed that a problem is brewing before the renegade cells measure farther out of line.

In biological terms, this may occur when the cells undergo additional modifications and begin breaking more rules. The initial rebel cells are going to step out of the film at this stage whilst after generations of despot cells begin to wreck havoc. It begins with one cell. The genes of the ordinary cell are changed in some significant way by a procedure that’s named MUTATION (a phrase that means change).

This shift affects one of the numerous systems concerning the rules of cell behaviour. Since there are a great many distinct systems controlling cell behavior, there are a great many unique mutations that can happen. The single altered cell doesn’t have any effect until it divides. This stage of the procedure is named CANCER PROMOTION. A group of renegade cells is formed but in the early phase these cells may not have broken enough rules for them to be recognized by the body’s Immune System. Like criminals, renegade cells have a tendency to advance to a worse stage.

Final note

This development occurs through the destabilization of cell division and is named CANCER PROGRESSION. During this phase the populace of cells can try out a variety of rule busting actions. Under these unstable conditions the”group” of cells throws up many different combinations of lousy behavior until it finds those that best conquer the surveillance systems. So as to avoid cancer, we will need to understand all of the lifestyle and environmental factors that impact these actions of renegade cells. Many of them are already known. There has been a lot of research in these matters but generally it’s not explained in a simple enough way. It’s possible both to spot and prevent the factors that promote every of these stages and it is also possible to consume particular foods or adopt certain behaviours to counteract these actions.