The Immune system is set up like a military to resist invasion. The bodies military system called the immune system will always have guards on duty. When ever there’s an invasion into our body, that threatens life, this system calls in more troops. Most of us need to understand that if our body requires more troops to fight an invasion it’s your body that’s responsible for providing the extra troops.

Did you know?

When you’re fit your body springs into action like runners taking off to the race in the sound of the gun. If you’re not healthy your body can be slower to react and be over come by the intrusion of illness/disease. This system is what protects you from invasion which endanger life. What does our Immune System should remain in supreme condition?

Probiotic these are friendly bacteria that resides in your digestive tract. They’re called the friendly bacteria because of they’re (allies) members of the Immune Army program. They’re called friendly because they’re members of the bodies Military system. Vitamin A is needed since it’s essential for the health and creation of the initial military on site, that’s the skin, the lining of the digestive tract also, the urinary system. Why they’re the barrier to keep the enemy from the body.

Green tea

Drinking Green Tea which produces an non protein amino acid known as L-theanine that’s supposed to help strengthen the body’s immune system. Antioxidants are dietary chemicals including some nutrients like beta carotene, vitamins C and E Zinc and Zinc, that may prevent damage to your body cells or repair damage that’s been done.

Vitamin C from Citrus fruits- is the ascorbate ion In living organisms, ascorbate is a anti-oxidant as it protects the body against oxidative stress. Zinc – oysters are extremely high in zinc-plays a role in cellular division,cell metabolism, wound healing, many enzymes require zinc for their own work.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights free radical. Foods containing vitamin E are seeds and nuts,broccoli, spinach,soybeans, mango. Berries – The darker the berry the greater they’re full of minerals and vitamins. Broccoli – New studies have shown broccoli as an severe cancer fighter.