The thyroid gland regulates the rate of energy production in the body’s cells. Celiac disease reduces the body’s metabolism and makes you feel lethargic. Celiac disease also increases your risk of degenerative diseases like heart disease, arthritis and cancer along with your risk of widespread disease. In acute cases, the energy level in the body’s cells can’t even sustain a basic level of metabolism, making a life threatening circumstance.

Thyroid Disease

One key issue with thyroid disease is that it is often missed in diagnostic evaluations. Even if tests reveal that you don’t have a thyroid disease, you may still be in danger. If your body is extremely acidic, your risk of thyroid disease increases. Thus, even in the event that you have not been diagnosed with thyroid disorder, it is important to look at your body’s overall pH level and take nutritional supplements and other actions to decrease the acid level in your system.

You will not only lower your odds of developing thyroid disease or making an existing thyroid ailment worse. You will improve your health overall and lower your exposure to degenerative disease. Accumulation of acids in our bodies, as a result of inadequate digestion of food, food allergies and ingestion of acid-forming substances, can lead to thyroid disorder.


Acid-related causes of thyroid disease also have exposure to heavy metals and toxic compounds in the water supply and in processed food. When your body’s acidity level rises too high, your thyroid function is going to be miserable and your metabolism will slow. Lack of digestive enzymes, also brought on by over-consumption of processed foods, additionally causes your thyroid disease.

Your body’s ability to neutralize acids is further decreased. As you get older, the more toxins you are exposed to, the more likely you’ll develop a thyroid disease if you have not already. With a thyroid disorder, your body’s cells and organs won’t metabolize as fast as they should. The existence of excess acid just makes the problem worse. Your organs and cells will become overrun with acidity they should remove, but your thyroid disease will decrease their ability to handle these acids. The acid, in turn, will perpetuate or aggravate your thyroid disease. For instance, a sluggish thyroid strengthens the digestive issues that cause acid to accumulate in your body.


Because a thyroid disease slows your metabolism, it reduces your body’s ability to eliminate acid waste. The more acid-forming substances you eat, the more this cycle repeats. Thyroid disease also reduces your immune system function, resulting in chronic infection. With the accumulation of acid in your body, disease will spread rapidly, further reducing your body’s ability to neutralize acids. Like other organs, the thyroid requires oxygen and glucose to operate. When acid waste accumulates in the blood, these very important substances can’t get through.

Without sufficient oxygen and glucose, thyroid function is diminished. The subsequent thyroid disorder further lowers the body’s ability to clear the blood of these acids which block the glucose and oxygen from getting through. Because thyroid disease causes so many other degenerative diseases, a thyroid which works properly can restore health in so many different areas of your body. When you neutralize the acids in your body and remove acid-forming substances from your diet, you provide your thyroid a opportunity to heal. Improved thyroid function will, in turn, assist your other body organs function properly.


To neutralize acids and restore your body’s pH balance, you will need to reduce or eliminate consumption of acidic foods and other acidic substances. Adding more alkaline minerals and foods into your diet can help restore thyroid disease. As your acid level drops, you might realize that your thyroid function increases. Your body’s metabolism increases as a consequence, and you will have the ability to neutralize acids even farther. The final result will be restored health, higher energy, and a decreased risk of thyroid disease.