Ageing is inevitable. We will all die and age. However, the relatively new profession of anti-ageing medication could now greatly affect how early we descend to our reduction. Anti-ageing medication is unlocking the secrets of aging and how to slow it down based on the principals of conventional medicine – evidence-based practice on a foundation of rigorous scientific study.

Let’s understand it

The oldest surviving human is currently 122 years old and it’s suggested that young adults of today might live until they are 150 or more. So what about the aging population and the economic strife it will incur for future generations? By 2050, there’ll be 3 times as many people retired as people working. It’s unsustainable and will result in global financial collapse.

The objective of anti-ageing medicine isn’t to prolong life when quality of life is bad as we’re doing now with conventional medicine. It is to boost longevity in order that we can continue to be independent and healthy and useful to society for more. Anti-ageing medicine takes a holistic view of an individual’s health as opposed to simply treating the disease.


This is something “alternative” practitioners have been doing for quite a long time. What’s new is that now the doctors are doing it as well. But it won’t always be your neighborhood GP, you might need to seek out an anti-ageing practitioner. They are beginning to pop up around the area today. Look for one who is a member of the Australasian Academy of Anti-ageing Medicine. I’ve always thought aging was just a result of the wearing down and wearing out of our own bodies. Our joints pack upour organs get tired (like our mind) and our skin becomes wrinkly.

So I guess I am a believer in the Wear and Tear Theory of Ageing. But did you know that there are lots of scientific theories of aging? All of them make sense and aging is most likely a mixture of them all. Understanding these concepts can empower us with the knowledge to fight aging and also the decay and disorder that it brings. This is the simple concept that we age because of insults to our bodies over time.


Our skeleton is our organs – liver, heart, kidneys, skin – are worn down by toxins (sugar, fat, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, ultraviolet light, pollution, pesticides and psychological stressors). This damage accumulates rather than just causes our body systems to operate less efficiently, it reduces our ability to fight off further insults.

What can we do to avoid this wear and tear? Avoid stress and toxins! Easier said that done I understand and this article doesn’t offer you the solutions, there’s abundant information on the market. Some notable sites include Low Tox Life and The Whole Daily created and run by clever Australian girls. This guide can only inform you as to how all of the bad things in our life make us age.

With that knowledge, we’re able make the relationship between action and reaction and the way the lifestyle choices we make either reward or punish us. This is the notion that although we can not change our genetic makeup, we could secure our genes in several ways so the path of our engineered aging (our genetic fate ) is altered.


As we go about our lives, our DNA (which contains our genes, there are roughly 20,000 of these ) is damaged. DNA is continually replicating to replace our cells and after a while pieces break. Eventually the cells which are being replaced do not always turn out the way they should, resulting in mutants that either die or cause illness. The Genetic Control Theory suggested it is the state of our DNA that regulates how we age as broken DNA results in disease, aging and illness. The Genetic Control Theory is closely connected to another concept, The Free Radical Theory.

We have all heard of free radicals and know they’re bad for us but did you know why? Free Radicals are continuously being produced by the metabolic processes that go on within our bodies. Other free radicals might be introduced from outside our bodies in the kind of those toxins I mentioned previously. Free radicals damage us since they are atoms or molecules that have an excess electron. They unstable and are reported to be in an oxidative state.

If you know any simple chemistry, you will have discovered that all atoms (except hydrogen) have protons, neutrons and electrons. Stay with me, I’ll make it really easy. The amount of protons should equal the amount of electrons. If there is an additional electron, the atom isn’t happy and bounces around frantically trying to give an electron away to anyone who’s passing so it may regain equilibrium. They cause lots of damage in the procedure.

They target cell membranes, DNA and RNA, leaving a path of destruction. This concept was put forward by Leonard Hayflick in 1961. If the Genetic Control Theory purports that aging results from damage to our DNA, the Hayflick Limit Theory states that this identical damage is a consequence of telomere shortening. Now, telomeres are bits of junk DNA (DNA that does not really do anything) that sit in the ends of our appropriate DNA.

Keep in mind

They shield the ends of the DNA strands from harm. Just like you hem a cloth so that it does not fray, the telomeres stop the fraying of our DNA by protecting the ends of it. When you hear about being tested to your genetic age rather than your year era, this is what they’re looking at. How long your telomeres are. Free radicals and oxidative stress are liable for the harm to our telomeres exactly the same as it damages the rest of our DNA, so the solution is antioxidants in the kind of nutritious food and nutritional supplements and by reducing physical and psychological stress.

This concept was developed by Vladimir Dilman in 1954 and is based on the belief that it’s the decline in neuroendocrine action that makes us age. If our nervous system is the queen bee of our body, our hormones are the employees. Pretty much everything that occurs in our body is the result of activities by our hormones. It’s an unbelievably intricate method that I am not even going to attempt and explain but if you keep this system functioning smoothly, your body will perform nicely. As we age many hormones decrease. Especially after 50. After menopause.

You can track your hormones and nutritional supplement them if necessary, something your regional GP may not inform you. Be proactive and ask about your hormones. Or find an anti-ageing practitioner. Your hormones will be among the first things they explore.


It is your body’s reaction to physiological stressors. The response to a stressor generally goes like this. We discover the stressor (hormones). All kinds of biochemical reactions occur which result in increased permeability of our blood vessels. To put it differently, your capillaries become leaky in the website of the injury. The objective of this is to let our adrenal cells (our white blood cells) to escape the blood stream and into the tissue that’s damaged and attack the germs and repair the tissue. This leakiness of capillaries is what causes the swelling and inflammation which you see if you injure yourself.

Think hitting your thumb with a hammer or spraining your ankle. The issue is, more than just your white blood cells flow in that area, a great deal of plasma goes with it and the swelling ends up causing more problems than the actual injury. That’s the reason why we ice and elevate our accidents, to prevent the swelling. All that pooled fluid really impedes flow and slows down the recovery process. Now imagine that identical inflammation happening through your entire body in capillaries everywhere and you can see why inflammation is indeed harmful.

Inflammation also causes increased mucous production. That constantly runny nose, sinus mucous or pain in you feces is a indication of chronic inflammation. And what’s the stressor that the body is responding to? Oxidative stress usually. Free Radicals. And if that is not enough, add to the The Autoimmune Theory of aging that says that as we get older, the ability of our immune system to generate disease-fighting radicals decreases as does its ability to differentiate invaders out of our own cells.

Final note

So not only do we have capillaries leaking all over the place, we’ve got immune cells leaking into our cells which are attacking our own cells, not only the invaders. I don’t blame you in case you would like to stop reading now but I’ll attempt to complete this on a positive note. You’ve got the power. All these theories have some truth. Ageing is a blend of them all. But no matter what type of genes that you were dealt when you were conceived, if you have”good genes” or”bad genes” you can change your destiny for the better (or worse). If you’re not already eating healthy foods, exercising, meditating and abstaining from things which are poisonous (almost hopeless but moderation is a good start), it is time to give it a serious thought. Ageing isn’t pleasant regardless of how”normal” it’s. I will procrastinate. If you’re struggling to stick to these principles. It’s time for some trickery. Personally, I find the best way to fool yourself into giving up something you love or taking something up you do not love is through hypnosis.

Get the ideas into your subconscious and your conscious self will follow like a loyal Labrador. You don’t even have to leave the house let alone enter a costly retreat or employ a psychologist. Just find some hypnosis or confirmation podcasts on iTunes or YouTube on anything you need to enhance and listen to it before bed. Plant those seeds until you sleep. Get them into your subconscious and watch the results unfold. You’ll be amazed at the changes that can be made before trying. My personal favorite it The Honest Guys. They’re English and have heaps of hypnosis exercises. If you want an Australian accent, Jason Stephenson is also excellent. He’s some funky visualisations. Just find a 20 minute one to begin with so you do not get bored and make yourself do it for a week. You then will be hooked and you can begin to take control of your life rather than life controlling you. You do not have to fight your dark side any more. Let your subconscious do it for you. In Terms of ageing. I hope this guide has provided some insight to what ageing is and what you can do to slow it down. Knowledge is power. Know your enemy and keep it on the opposite side of the trench so long as possible. You only live once. Eat well, exercise, meditate. Give it all you have.