In this exceptionally affianced social world, all people are surrounded by numerous deadly enemies which are keeping a constant eye on us, and waiting for our single mistake to ruin our beautiful life. Yes! We’re discussing life threatening bacterial pathogens that enter our body through different reasons encompassing unprotected sex, wound, bad hygiene, or via transfusion of the blood that is contaminated.

Keep in mind

These pathogens not only are the causes of our pains, but also steal the peace out of our own lives. People suffering from these medical issues, often get extremely nervous because they find it embarrassing, which is one reason for their anxiety and spoiled private relationships. On the contrary, this subject has limited information available on the Internet, which occasionally misguides patients and makes their life miserable. But, here’s a bit of great news!

Most of these infections are curable. They are typically found in the patient’s semen/urine culture test, arranged their physician. So, whenever you feel burning feeling in your urine for over one week, or find tiny blood drops inside, there are opportunities that you’re assaulted by any bacterial disease.

Take note

The most common pathogens are Enterococcus, Klebsiella, Staphylococci, or alternative, which can be overlapped on each other at times. So, if you’re suffering from this issue, it’s a good idea to have patience throughout your therapy, as they will vanish one by one from your semen/urine. Their growth on your semen/urine may be moderate, scanty, moderate or heavy according to their resistance to antibiotics; your doctor prescribes medications which are either absorbed orally or via intravenous (injection in vein) procedure.

After every antibiotic class, your physician may order semen/urine test to assess the progress of your wellbeing. It’s recommended to follow the fantastic diet during the course of antibiotics to help keep the medication related side-effects at bay.

  • Milk: it is wise to begin your day with a glass of milk, which is very helpful for your immunity. You might also incorporate fruits like apple, orange, papaya, or watermelon in your lunch, that is helpful to detoxify your body.
  • Soup: You can make soup by adding the components such as carrots, beetroot, tomatoes and garlic, which is proven to be quite helpful to clear any bacterial disease. Researches reveal that garlic and ginger are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties which help your body to rapidly wipe out the bacteria. Moreover, you can even have cucumber, red, and tomatoes in your salad to improvise your digestive tract.
  • Curd: Make sure to have curd/yogurt in your diet at least once a day, since it’s known to possess good bacterium which kills the bad bacteria within your body. Even if the infection prevents from the semen, it’s a good idea to get your semen tested each month at least for three months, which will guarantee you that the disease isn’t occurred again.


Last, but not the least, if you’re married and suffering from this disease, there are chances of transmitting it to your partner. Thus, abstaining from sex during the course of medication will surely be a fantastic idea. It’s strongly recommended consulting your physician prior to following any of the cited information in this report.