One thing you may have heard of before if you’re staying up-to-date with the most current in the supplements news is something called,”bulletproof” java. Commonly employed by Type 2 diabetics that are after the caveman diet or Paleo diet because it is often called, you may wonder whether it is perfect for you.

Bulletproof Coffee

It’s a high calorie, a high fat cup of coffee – and also a way lots of folks start their day. Will Drinking “Bulletproof” Coffee Benefit You? But, what are the benefits? But, how does this stack up? The simple fact is, regular coffee has been shown to offer some health benefits. Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, in addition to Parkinson’s disease.

Note this doesn’t come from butter or oil but the coffee itself. Now once you add the fat to it, obviously, you’re likely to have lower appetite amounts – you’re downing around 500 to 600 calories per cup. If you were to consume this amount of calories, you’d see a decrease in hunger too. Likewise, as fat doesn’t have any effect on blood glucose levels, you’d expect to see blood sugar stabilization for this.

So the advantages of “bulletproof” java aren’t so much due to a distinctive coffee combination, but instead, it is the fact you’re taking in a really significant dose of fat along with the coffee. Additional Points To Consider. For those people who want to control their own body weight, there’s simply a better way than going the “bulletproof” java route. This morning cup of coffee will set you back a lot of calories, you will need to cut back on how much you consume the rest of the day – something not many individuals will be able to do.

You will see far greater results simply drinking a cup of black coffee and then adding some healthful fats such as coconut oil or grass-fed butter into your meals during the day. You’ll also probably find this to be a lot more satisfying too. So think twice about bulletproof coffee. It is not the best idea unless you’re incredibly active and need those additional calories.