FYRON offers a wide range of products, from weight loss to male potency to various vitamins. But what does each product contain? Do they deliver on their promises? Can savings be made over time? How do you do it right? We’ve taken a close look at FYRON Men and tested it to provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you make your purchasing decisions!

What is FYRON Men?

FYRON is a European registered brand that specializes in dietary supplements and offers various products, including FYRON Men, a product specifically designed for men. FYRON Men aims to offer users, through its active ingredients, an increase in both physical and mental performance. It is especially interesting for those who suffer from a decrease in power and a drop in performance, which frequently happens in older people.

Fyron Men

This nutritional supplement acts in several ways. Among other things, it ensures normal fertility, increases sperm production, increases testosterone levels and improves mental performance. But above all, it is the general physical condition that is permanently improved, allowing you to finish the day in great shape. The daily dose to be taken contains many important vitamins and nutrients, which the body always needs, whether old or young, but which can become increasingly difficult to obtain through normal diet, especially as one gets older. The recommended daily dose and daily requirements of vitamins and minerals covered are clearly described on the label and package insert.

How to take FYRON Men?

All the ingredients are easy to ingest as they are packaged in capsules, but these must be taken with sufficient liquid. The dosage is written on the label and corresponds in this case to 2 capsules per day, morning and evening. A table clearly indicates how much of the daily requirement of important vitamins and minerals is covered by the intake. In general, it is recommended to take the supplements just before meals.

Where is FYRON Men manufactured?

The product is manufactured in Switzerland by a leading European producer, which is even certified organic. The FYRON brand belongs to the well-established Swiss company inchealth (www.inchealth.ch), which specializes in the production of nutritional supplements and supports many other brands in the implementation and planning of effective ingredient formulas. The product has been on the market since 2014 and impresses with its durability and consistent quality. The goal of the brand is to create a balanced offering that provides customers with impeccable quality at a fair price. This is based on natural vitamins and ingredients, which are completely vegan and without additives. Overall, the company offers a wide range of effective nutritional supplements covering various interesting areas.

FYRON Men Ingredients

FYRON Men offers a blend of important ingredients specialized in performance enhancement, sexual and otherwise. The ingredients provide more physical and mental stamina, which of course is felt in bed. In addition, it provides essential minerals for reproduction and fertility, which are also prescribed by doctors for such problems. Thanks to the combination of vitamins and active ingredients such as folic acid, zinc, selenium, etc., the product achieves a very high level of effectiveness compared to other brands. In addition, it contains other vitamins and minerals that generate many beneficial effects. The vitamins that are important for the body are easily recognizable by the fact that there is a recommended daily amount of active ingredients (called NRV in %).

Function of the ingredients

Active ingredients such as folic acid, zinc, selenium and pantothenic acid or L-arginine are essential for male potency and sperm production and become increasingly scarce as we age. As we age, generating nutrients from everyday foods is not so easy for the body. On the one hand, we often do not eat optimally, and on the other hand, as we age, the body becomes inefficient in the transformation process.

However, it would be wrong to consider FYRON Men as a product that only serves for male potency, because it is much more than that. We note here that, similar to FYRON Body, the active ingredients have been chosen very carefully. Thus, the product aims at a sustained increase in performance but also libido, virility, vitality, fertility and even more. Instead of a short-term boost, the wide range of vitamins and minerals provides the body with more energy in the long term. That’s why it serves as a sexual stimulant, because with more energy, you can of course stay active longer, in all areas. It is an ideal alternative to conventional chemicals such as Viagra to have a lasting effect on erectile dysfunction. But this booster can also help in case of frequent fatigue or physical discomfort, as the vitamins and minerals correct deficiencies.

About FYRON Men on the net

The FYRON brand products have a strong presence on the Internet, but mainly on German websites, as the products were created in Germany and have been very successful there for several years now. Many well-known portals and magazines (such as the Stern) have already classified Fyron products as very effective dietary supplements.

Fyron Men’s experience with customers has been very positive for many years. Reviewers are very satisfied with the quality and effect of the product. At the time of testing, FYRON Men had a 4.6 star rating.

Where can I buy FYRON Men?

FYRON Men can be purchased on IncHealth website throughout Europe: Fyron Mens Original.

According to the manufacturer, other options are available, like for example on the famous 24go platform: Fyron Men.

Pros and Cons


  • Made naturally – no chemicals
  • Long lasting benefits
  • Highly effective: physical + mental
  • Vegan
  • Long term consumption possible
  • Wide variety of active ingredients
  • Available with subscription to save money


  • Does not replace a healthy lifestyle
  • No immediate effect


FYRON Men contains a very effective mixture of various vitamins and minerals, which supports the body not only on a one-time basis, but also on a long-term basis. It works much faster than many other similar products which are too often composed of isolated ingredients and neglect the beneficial effects of such a mixture. The body receives more energy and becomes more efficient. The brand uses no additives or fillers, such as magnesium salts. The product comes from a well-known manufacturer, which has already been successful on the market for a long time, and can even be sold in pharmacies (as is already the case in Germany, for example). Particularly noteworthy is the consistently high quality, which has remained stable over the years. Customers have been satisfied since the beginning of the product’s marketing and are convinced of the quality. The product is made in Switzerland and is completely natural and vegan.

Frequently asked questions

In the following text, we answer the most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.

Are there any coupons?
Basically, Fyron Men is already available at low prices. But there is also the possibility to subscribe on the webiste and to save up to 15%.

Is FYRON Men vegan?
Yes, all FYRON brand products are 100% vegan. To this end, the capsule shell is made of cellulose (many sex boosters use pig gelatin), which is purely vegetable and easily absorbed by the body.

Is the product made in Europe?
Yes, the production takes place in Switzerland. The fact that the regulations in Switzerland are very strict, guarantees us a very high quality of production.

Does the product work immediately?
Many factors are crucial in this regard (age, lifestyle, metabolism) and therefore cannot be considered exhaustive as they are different for everyone. These capsules are designed for long-term use and can therefore support the body permanently, but the effects are generally not felt directly.

Is it better than Viagra?
It’s more long-lasting. Viagra works immediately and provides a short-term erection, with many side effects. While Fyron Men neutralizes the typical causes of impotence problems and naturally helps to restore good sexual relations. It also helps to be in better physical shape and have more mental strength.