Given the fact that we’re constantly on run, a quick fix is necessary everywhere. Whether it’s our health or normal food intakes, we’re relying too much on processed foods nowadays. While the doctors focus on eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables more often; how secure are those is the actual raised question.

Let’s understand it

Non-organic veggies and fruits are also accountable for attaining the significant quantity of metallic traces. This is a result of the abundance of metals found in petrochemicals that are further sprinkled on the plants and make their ways to the soil. The rigorous exposure to pesticides and other substances mercilessly take the toll on your health even before you understand. The residue of petrochemicals sprinkled and sprayed on fruits and vegetables remain on the outer side of the leaves.

At times they seep in the floor as well thereby contaminating the water and soil. There’s some amount of chemicals which may be removed through washing the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating however a significant chunk remains unwashed. It’s also noticed that the non-organic plants are grown on industrial farms that are more concerned with profits.

Did you know?

The basic principles of soil fertility retention or soil rehabilitation aren’t practiced in these farms. Hence, the plants grown acquire the appreciable quantity of metal like mercury. There are diversified negative chemical effects associated with the use of chemicals and pesticides on human health. The over exposure often contributes to birth defects, neurological conditions like attention deficit and chronic illness such as diabetes.

Furthermore, Inorganic food can also be likely to irradiation. Irradiation is the process where plants are being exposed to radiations. This was approved by FDA in 2008 with the notion of eliminating illness causing pathogenic bacteria. The side effects of the procedure also include loss of nutrients, creation of free radicals which further contribute to causing cancer.

Final note

Choosing the Organic way of life surely, protects you from numerous ailments. It not only reinforces your immunity system but also can help you in developing a society which relies on sustainable growth. For those who have a garden in your home that could even be a kitchen garden, do plant fruits and veggies. Your life and this body is a present lord wants you to look after. Feed your body and mind with healthy doses frequently.