Many question whether or not to disturb their family medicine practitioner in regards to common problems like fever, nausea and similar. Sadly, most do not need to be a hassle or look like they are calling for every small thing but it’s important to understand that everyone practicing family medicine is there for them and their loved ones any time they’re concerned about their health.

Keep in mind

There should be no reason to shy away from at least giving them a call. Here are a few common ailments and how one should approach themif they ought to call their family medicine professional or wait it out. Fever in children is that their small body’s common reaction to any sort of infection within the body. The increased temperature makes the body inhospitable for any germs. The best thing to do would be to give them over-the-counter drugs to decrease fever and keep them comfortable. In adults, fever is another story.

This is because the family medicine specialist can inquire about aches and pains, and about their medical history. People who have immune system deficiencies should take fever as the indication of inflammation and a potential more serious illness, and should certainly at least call their family medicine doctor. Outside of these ailments, anyone that’s experiencing fever together with other symptoms should give the doctor a call.


If one has a enormous flare up, and they are very bothered by a rash then they should definitely call their family medicine specialist. If it’s only a little acne, or a random rash that is not really bothering then you can try out an over-the-counter allergy medication or cream for rashes. Regardless, if it’s unbearable see a medical pro immediately. There’s zero reason to be uneasy. If discovering spots on the skin and they’re itching, flaking, altering colour, bleeding or growing it is essential to be seen.

Melanoma can occasionally seem like age spots, so don’t just write it off, especially if it’s unusual. If the cause of the stress trigger is known, for example tomorrow is the big wedding day or a test is coming up, there is no reason to call a family medicine specialist. However, if the anxiety is continuous and it is forcing a man to drink, eat, shed sleep or some other serious symptoms which may cause you to harm themselves or others than medical care is crucial.

Final note

Keep in mind, a doctor is not only there for physical ailments but psychological as well. They’re a confidant that someone may express concerns to and feel comfortable doing this. Everyone suffers trials and tribulations occasionally. On a more serious note, symptoms of stress can mimic those of hyperthyroidism, so bear that in mind. Many will say,”Why in the world would I be concerned about bad breath, I’ll just brush my teeth see the dentist.” While those are amazing possibilities, chronic bad breath may be signs of many underlying issues. Sweet or fruity breath? This would not normally set off the red flags, but it might be an indication of diabetes. Much like bad breath, not too many people are worried when they burp. While it’s normal to belch after a excellent meal or beverage, it is unnatural to excessively burp.