Despite the several claims, a permanent eczema treatment does not exist. To understand why this is true, we will need to understand what eczema actually is, what the causes are and why you have the problem. However the symptoms of eczema can be treated. Derived from the Greek word meaning “to boil over”, eczema is used to refer to the inflamed skin that’s red in appearance and can be extremely itchy.

Let’s see…

Atopic -triggered by an outside factor/allergen and may have a genetic basis (somebody in the household will often have eczema);. To understand this we need to comprehend our skin. Hence the skin is actually crucial in keeping the inner balance of the body. So when the body suffers a jolt (response ), the consequences so frequently enough manifest themselves in the skin.

These include generating high levels of hormones and inflammatory toxins, which could then affect production of natural oils that keep skin hydrated and disturb the skins natural heat management system. As the skin becomes inflamed, it becomes drier, the itchiness begins, the temptation to scratch develops all of which may result in skin damage and “Eczema”.


The precise causes are yet to be completely understood, however it’s believed for the most frequent sort of, an oversensitive immune is regarded as the principal cause. Whilst you do not inherit Eczema itself, the odds are that in the event you are afflicted with the illness, you have inherited a gene which leads to the release of antibodies as soon as you are able to come into contact with normally harmless substances such as certain kinds of foods, pollen, house dust mites etc..

These triggers vary from 1 person to another. With those who have atopic eczema, because of their over sensitive immune system, the body releases extra amounts of immuglobin E, the temperature of their skin is then influenced, as its ability to produce natural oils that keep skin hydrated and stop the loss of moisture. The end result is that the skin becoming red and inflamed, swollen, itchy and the rest of the symptoms we associate with Eczema are started.


Whilst a permanent cure does not exist, the symptoms may be treated and should carefully managed there isn’t any reason why you can not be eczema free. This eczema treatment strategy, is what I have embraced both for myself and my three kids and thankfully most of us stay eczema free.