The performance of the human body is beyond understanding. I wind up with more questions once I go searching for answers and hope that those questions are the ideal ones for infinitesimally closer to finding out more about the mysteries of life. The top discoveries during our history came upon either by accidents or by imitating nature, ideal knowledge can only be found there.

Let’s understand it

Hardly any minds have been able to locate answers which have lasted through our times; these have been largely in math and physics only because numbers simply do not lie. Even then, we accommodate the hypothesis and suggest formulas, which attempt to explain the behaviour of matter around usrather than understand it. I believe that a pure compound or a chemically modified natural component, that has been determined by statistical studies to be more beneficial in relieving symptoms for many individuals than any other element is only a palliative, rather than a cure.

The amounts that dictate how well symptoms are minimized are based only on averages. Those figures yield some probabilities of how successful or not a product will be just to a specific point. There’s absolutely no method of knowing for certain the effectiveness of these consumed components; as common saying says: “we will need to wait and see every day at a time”. There’s absolutely not any blame on caregivers with this limited capability; it’s just the way it is.

Secondary effects

The worst part is that we don’t even understand the price we pay in lasting secondary effects in addition to permanent consequences when consuming this sort of products. The most renowned discovery in immunology – a natural organism, the penicillin – has been done by accident; this alone has enabled live expectancy to develop more than anything else needed. Also, the vaccination was a way to borrow the immune data from a cow and give it to people to control those epidemics in yesteryear; it’s been great for longevity also.

Now there is another natural way. It’s something which has been detected by observing and learning from nature. This new way is just about the greatest since penicillin, or perhaps we’ll experience that it might be greater. It’s referred to as a new science known as Transferceutical and it’s based on the transport factors. Their name comes as there’s a element which may be transferred. The factors are small molecules which contain information from an expert immune system and can educate another needing the data. This factor can be seen in the white blood cells of mammals and the egg yolk in birds. Our immune system is smart, can comprehend the language written in other immune systems, and, when transferred to us, can learn what to do if they’re told to.