For the small proportion of hard gainers trying hard to pack thick muscle building a narrow framework, sacrificing health for the sake of body is normally the compromise. However, becoming aware of restrictions and allotments based on blood type is the key to ensuring the success of the body you desire while optimizing health.

Blood type

I selected type ‘A’ blood type not just because it is my personal blood type but it’s also a high maintenance blood type. Reason being, people with type A blood generally have hyper-sensitive immune systems as well as the mixtures of macro-nutrients essential to pack on weight, together with the manipulation of insulin levels may couple the body of your dreams with multitudes of sick days in bed.

A individual who has type ‘A’ blood works best on vegetarian diets. However, a intake of 50 calories worth of broccoli generally equates to 60 calories being used to burn off it –and calories would be the last thing a hard gainer wishes to expend. So, here are a couple methods for type ‘A’ blood type hard gainers can obtain mass and keep healthy while doing this.


Being a hard gainer means putting a high priority on simple and complex carbohydrates (carbohydrates ) for the sake of ATP, insulin levels, etc.. Nearly all the immune system can be found in the gastrointestinal tract–hardly any can get the bloodstream without first obtaining the intestinal tract. So so as to offset taxing your sensitive intestinal tract with simple and complex carbohydrates, blend and consume significant amounts of vegetables between your most important meals.

Not only can this be useful to your blood type when the nutrients in the vegetables enter your blood, but the feel of the vegetables acts as a brush across the lining of your intestinal tract, cleaning as it goes along. Sugar has a negative effect on the immune system, but the insulin spike in sugar guarantees that the hard gainer’s muscle can grow in the presence of the nutrient it needs (fat). Therefore, it’s imperative to understand the times of the day that your body is able to manage insulin the best.


Your body can naturally manage insulin as soon as you awake in the morning. The 6-8 hour quickly you entered into upon going to sleep triggers those which aren’t even hard gainers to enter into a hyper-catabolic stage. Needless to say, as the day goes by, your body will not have the ability to take care of insulin as economically as the morning but you can usually force it moving a workout. Keep your greatest sugar consumption around these times and you will make certain that your immune system remains optimal.