Feeling tired, your body is under strain and you wonder if your natural defences are weakened? There are some surefire signs! Catching all the germs that come your way and being sick more often than usual is probably the most visible sign, the one you will not fail to notice.

Natural defences are declining?

In concrete terms, you will have one cold after another and other minor ailments, including digestive ones. The fact that it takes you longer to recover from minor illnesses is also revealing: your natural defences are fighting against microbes but are not as effective as usual.

Natural defences at half-mast may be the cause of these temporary discomforts. Similarly, if your small wounds take longer to heal, for example a small cut that does not close as quickly as usual or even becomes infected: this may be a sign of a weakened body that is struggling to defend itself!

Fortunately, it is possible to prevent the weakening of your natural defences. Ideally, you should start before these discomforts become apparent. Whether or not you feel a drop in energy, it is important to adopt good daily habits to preserve your natural defences in the long term.

Factors that can weaken the immune system

Dietary imbalance

A poorly balanced diet, in quantity or quality, is the most important cause of immune deficiency. In industrialised countries, micronutrient deficiency is becoming increasingly common. It results from a lack of vitamins and minerals. The popularity of junk food is one of the reasons for this. These states of “undernutrition” lead to an ageing immune system with a decrease in the proliferative capacity of T cells, making the individual more vulnerable to microbes.

Older people generally have weaker immune systems and greater susceptibility to infection than middle-aged adults. This is partly due to their smaller appetites and less varied diets, as well as the depletion of intestinal flora, which is essential for the body’s defence.

Overweight and obesity

Adipose tissue secretes specific cytokines, called adipokines, some of which are pro-inflammatory and others anti-inflammatory. However, in the event of excess weight, the former will take over from the latter, leading to micro-inflammations which, by becoming chronic, can alter immunity.

A sedentary lifestyle and, conversely, overtraining

In addition to contributing to overall health, exercise also has a direct effect on immunity. It improves blood circulation. Sport helps to increase immune cells and reduces the risk of infection. It is recommended to do the equivalent of 30 minutes of physical activity per day, such as brisk walking. On the other hand, the negative impact of overtraining on the body should be mentioned. After such training, there is a drop in the level of lymphocytes, which means fewer potential antibodies in the event of aggression.

Lack of sleep

The messy hair, the puffy eyes, the unstable moods are still there, but sleeping too little has a much more negative impact on health. Lack of sleep reduces the body’s resistance to infection. Indeed, through lack of sleep, our cells produce fewer antibodies. In addition, chronic sleep deprivation disrupts the functioning of our cells.


There is no doubt that chronic stress has a negative effect on our health. Under stress, the adrenal glands secrete cortisol and the sympathetic system secretes noradrenaline – both of which reduce the immune system’s response.


Around the age of 60, the skills of some of our immune cells begin to deteriorate. This has been shown to be particularly true of T-cells, which react less well to attacks.

Why to use Fyron Immun Forte?

Even with a seemingly balanced diet, it is very difficult to find all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the optimal functioning of our body in our diet. Modern agriculture, processed foods and our consumption patterns have so depleted the content of our plate in micronutrients essential to our good health that it becomes relevant to integrate a multivitamin supplement into our daily diet. The interest is then to reinforce the immune system and to improve the energy level for a better overall state of health.

Fyron Immun Forte is a Swiss brand that specialises in the manufacture of multivitamin supplements designed to meet the body’s needs. The product is formulated from twenty-two nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and trace minerals: vitamins A, B’s, C, D, K, E, Zinc, magnesium, selenium,…

Fyron Immun Forte

The ingredients are the result of a rigorous selection process. They fill in the nutritional gaps that we regularly experience. Processed foods and our consumption patterns are responsible for this. The manufacturer guarantees that the nutrients come from products from reliable producers.

The nutrients in the product are correctly dosed to meet the RDA or Recommended Daily Allowance. There is no risk of overdosing on iron, copper or pro-oxidants. The ingredients are free of magnesium stearate, GMOs and silicon dioxide.

Learn more about the product here: Fyron Immun Forte

Fyron Immun Forte’s Benefits and Disadvantages


  • Product made in Europe: the nutrients making up the multivitamin supplement are derived from quality raw materials.
  • Large quantity of nutrients: the multivitamin supplement is composed of twenty-five nutrients.
  • Quality ingredients: the multivitamin supplement is free of lactose, excipients, gluten and gelatine.
  • Broad target audience: the product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Black container: this gives a good protection to the capsules.


  • High price: Fyron Immun Forte multivitamin only lasts 1 month. Competitors offer products that last for 3 months at the same price.
  • Not available worldwide
  • Take time to have effect


Fyron Immun Forte is a safe product because of the transparency of its manufacturer regarding the origin of the nutrients. This is important given the scams that exist on the market. Unscrupulous manufacturers use ingredients whose quality they do not guarantee. It is crucial to consume safe, quality products to ensure their effectiveness.

Despite the price, Fyron Immun Forte multivitamin supplement saves money. This is because the vitamins have a high absorption content due to their molecular form. After two or three weeks of treatment, the feedback is positive. Energy is boosted, while problems caused by nutritional deficiencies are reduced. Sportsmen and women can use them to get the energy they need to perform well in weight training or other disciplines

The vegetable origin of the capsules allows vegetarians and vegans to consume them without any problems. The bottles are made of high-quality PET. They are free of bisphenol A and are recyclable.