When something goes wrong in the electric fuse box this is the mind, an epileptic fit will probably begin. Call it a brief circuit or perhaps a burnt fuse. A cluster of nerve cells in the mind becomes disorganized once, this results in seizures which change from individual to individual. Some social people experience seizures without knowing it. However when they become frequent, there exists a risky of problems for the mind.


Various factors take into account epilepsy: defective genes, a relative head injury, central nervous system infection or any disease that injures the human brain. Most cases, however, are idiopathic, meaning of unknown cause. It really is difficult to find out who is more likely to have epilepsy even though condition is apparently inherited and is more prevalent in men than women.

Epileptic seizures may be subtle or seen as a full-blown convulsions. However, an individual seizure doesn’t mean you have epilepsy since this may occur with high fever. With several seizures, the chance which you have epilepsy is greater.


A seizure can lead to total lack of consciousness, staring spells or uncontrollable movements of the arms and legs. The individual might cry out before he stiffens and falls to the bottom. The limbs may assume unusual positions due to muscle spasms and urinary and bowel control may also be lost.

That is accompanied by wild thrashing movements prior to the patient falls right into a deep sleep. On awakening, she or he may have a headache. Because of modern medicine, epileptic seizures could be controlled by way of a true amount of drugs. The proper drug could make the individual seizure-free and medication could be discontinued if the individual if free from symptoms after several years.


To avoid further attacks, curb your intake of alcohol, give up smoking, eat right, exercise regularly, figure out how to manage stress and obtain sleep enough. To assist you rest, take Sedamine – the supplement that promotes natural sleep.