Wow this sounds like a tiny cruel question, but it’s a very important question to ask yourself whether you’re battling your weight and you want to halt the obesity cycle. Also the question may seem obvious but it’s more complicated than first meets the eye. There are 4 obesity delivery procedures.

Take Note

  • Sugar rich foods, including wheat, rice and potatoes. All these foods quickly convert to sugar in your blood stream and then in triglycerides, also called fats.
  • Junk foods that are significant in the omega 6 industrial oils that play havoc with your arteries and can also be stored as fat, and are made worse by typically being absorbed with sugar.
  • Insufficient motion, while exercising is a bad way to lose weight it’s important for the correct operation of your entire body, particularly your cardio vascular system, your immune system, your hormones and your emotional state.
  • For those who have difficulties with your own hormones obesity can be a consequence. An under active thyroid is the most well known, incorrect levels or testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone will lead to weight gain, in addition to the stress hormone cortisol may lead to food cravings and melatonin the sleep hormone if not being generated properly will lead to lack of sleep and weight reduction.
  • Your mind. While it’s impossible to consume calories by your mind, this is where all of your choices are made and all of your emotions are experienced. You will need the right advice and the perfect advice. There’s no one size fits all in weight control. You at 30 or even 40 years old will be treated otherwise.

É bom saber

From the four methods above you can begin on number 1 & number 2 that are fundamental diet changes. It will have to be fine-tuned to your requirements but is a terrific place to start. Movement is easy also, you do not have to run a marathon or even visit a fitness center, and personally I’d rather drink a liver smoothie than go to the gym, go if you like it, but do not suffer and then feel bad for not going.

Movement is more about discovering ways through your day to be active, walking distance, walking a bit further to the stores, moving more in your home. For instance I challenged a woman who was planning a vacation but was worried about her energy for walking into a simple walking programme.

Do this!

Day 1, spend 5 minutes walking up and down her hallway and through her lounge room, then add just 30 seconds every day. After one month she had been walking 20 minutes daily and from the end on month two when she went on her vacation she had been doing 30 minutes a day easily. She enjoyed her vacation and she lost 5kg’s because she got fired up and stopped snacking between meals. I wonder what you can do?