Ener-Chi Art relies on one of the most ancient systems of healing and rejuvenation. A primary role of the art is to restore a balanced flow of life force energy, or “Chi”, throughout the entire body. Ener-Chi Art is made up of inspired artwork that’s imbued with light-encoded energies. It involves a series of paintings, each of which is “triggered” with specific light rays.


There’s a painting for every organ and system of the body. For instance, if one looks at the painting that matches the center — even for just about a minute — quite deep changes occur in the life span area corresponding to this organ. The flow of Chi becomes fully restored, and some other notion forms or emotional imbalances which were locked from the cellular structure of the organ are systematically transmuted and published.

Another series of paintings is intended to heal the Earth and her surroundings. There are six paintings in this class, each one associated with a particular planetary issue. For instance, one is supposed to heal and awaken energies at the mountain and stone structures of the world; another one has a similar impact on the rivers, seas and lakes.


If recovery is to be complete, lasting and purposeful it should occur simultaneously on all levels of body, mind, and soul. Foremost, it has to take place at the exact causal phases of imbalance in which the seeds of dissonance first start to sprout and later manifest themselves as distress, psychological distress, or disorder. It’s no longer enough to maintain applying remedies that merely pacify the indicators of dissatisfaction, emotional upset and physical illness.

Our collective obsession with just fixing symptoms or solving problems, with regard to what’s causing them, has resulted in enormous difficulties in nearly every area of living. Yet, at the exact same time, we’re in the brink of a global transformation, in which the initial causes of all kinds of malady that could be affecting a person, or a society, are pushed into the surface, demanding our urgent attention. But this doesn’t have to involve a battle.

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Most of us have gone through various difficulties in life, and worked through a great deal of karmic issues. Although we may not always recognize this, we’ve reached a stage where we simply deserve the very best in life. To have the ability to move ahead and release the constraints we feel are holding us back, we finally have an chance to use one of those terrific gifts that has lately been given in the spiritual realms. We’ve been blessed with a new system of improving health and well-being — a new way to nurture our body, soul and mind.

We’ve called it Ener-Chi Art. What’s Ener-Chi Art? Ener-Chi Art is made up of inspired artwork that’s been imbued with light-encoded energies. It involves a set of 23 paintings associated with the body, and 6 paintings associated with the environment, each of which is”triggered” with specific light rays. There’s a painting for each region of the body, including every organ and system. If you look, as an instance, in the painting that matches the center for approximately half of a minute, very deep changes start to happen in that organ.

Chi Flow

The flow of Chi (vital energy or life force) becomes entirely restored and some other negative thought form, psychological imbalance, or karmic residue that may have lodged there, and potentially caused physical abnormalities, is systematically transmuted. How Does It Work and What Does It Do? Each region of the body, including every one of its trillions of cells, has its own auric field.

The aura of the human body, which is comprised of those several auras of its unique components, goes beyond physiological parameters, yet it affects physical life more than anything else. Our air also affects the atmosphere of the Earth with specific encodements, both negative and positive. Thus, negative thoughts and beliefs, emotional trauma, and other experiential episodes become caught up in the ionosphere of the Earth, possibly triggering major international disturbances which affect the wildlife, population, and climate of the world as a whole.


The effect of Ener-Chi Art spirals out from our “light body” into the world. It cleanses the aura in addition to the physical and mental bodies, and balances the Chi force throughout the body. Like the process of osmosis, it transports energy in and out of your system with no disruption. This effect happens instantly and can be confirmed through a simple muscle testing process applied both before and after seeing the Ener-Chi Art pictures. It may also be made visible to the eye by taking auric photos of the body. Additionally, Ener-Chi Art includes a uniquely beneficial influence on the genetic blueprint of the human body — the DNA. Research has indicated that only a portion of our DNA is now active.

Ener-Chi Art is intended to activate the codes within the DNA structure which are linked with total resistance to disease and complete use of the body’s enormous, but so far untapped, potential. Ener-Chi Art is so unique because it addresses the first causes of all other potential causes which are responsible for the physical, mental and psychological problems prevalent in our lives today, such as those who are of karmic origin.

Health issues

These that are acquired later in life may or may not arise from karmic causes, but are equally associated with stagnant or excessive flow of Chi. Since Chi is an international commodity that exists inside and outside of our body, an imbalance everywhere is directly connected with an imbalanced flow of Chi. If there were a system to immediately balance Chi and maintain appropriate Chi flow throughout the body, it might suggest that karmic influences and flaws on the degree of the spirit are in the process of being transmuted.

Otherwise, the prior Chi imbalance could recur within a brief time period — a common experience among people that are aided by a healer, but for some time only. There’s not any other known system that’s capable of balancing Chi so fast and long-lasting as Ener-Chi Art; a result which may be confirmed by a simple do-it-yourself testing process. Ener-Chi Art isn’t to be applied as a fast fix way of curing physical ailments. It’s intended for a much greater purpose, and is obviously a more energetic nature, than a physical manifestation.

Ener-Chi Art allows the body to experience a profound energy market, a symbiotic process of curing the temple inside, in concert with recovery the temple without. Its true purpose is of a higher frequency character, laying a pathway to a new level of existence for everybody. At a time when the major emphasis has been on fixing physical problems, it could be useful to realize that any symptom of disease originates in a misconception of who we actually are, which has significant fear-generating results on the amount of the soul. In this sense, the existence of physical problems literally compels a man to attend his/her own internal requirements and indicates that some elements of the soul still need recovery.

Nota final

The main point is that the body just can’t be healed unless the spirit is healed first. Hence, the effort to treat diseases without attending to their root causes — about the amount of the spirit — is expressed in the fact that 90 percent of all diseases today are of a chronic nature, which means they resist therapy. The first collection of 23 Ener-Chi Art paintings is intended to heal all the wounds of the spirit, from both the past and the present. Once soul healing has occurred, the stage was set for the healing of the associated physical imbalances or ailments.

Although the current use of Ener-Chi Art is concentrated on the nurturing of our body, soul and mind, we believe there’ll be future applications regarding the healing, cleansing and restoration of our planetary environment — our oceans, the atmosphere we breathe, and our mineral and vegetable kingdoms. It’s reassuring to know that in reaction to the most profound problems the world has ever faced, we’re given simple and effective strategies to solve themonce and for all. In this sense, our collective future seems very bright and optimistic. We’re quickly moving into an age when wonders are the most common and unquestioned organic phenomena on this planet.