Liberation of the soul, from deeply-rooted mental-emotional head states, some say, takes many lifetimes. When spoken or written about normally, the practicality pertaining to those words is not adequately qualified in any relatable way. Thus, through misinterpretation, the initial intention attaching to ‘many lifetimes’ and ‘rebirth’, has been greatly misrepresented through misunderstanding.


This report sets about qualifying these conditions by placing them in a practical, relatable setting. The general understanding in this field of rebirth and several lifetimes is, that if a soul, throughout its ground lifetime, was non-compliant spiritually with regulations or principles of Nature — action and reaction – this is deemed valid reason for this soul to rebirth back on the planet thereby gain additional purification toward the soul’s final liberation from repetitive rebirth.

So let’s focus in on this last sentence and see what it shows through the lens of this immortal Bhagavad-Gita. When Bhagavad-Gita refers to a lot of births, it’s not referring to a lot of lifetimes as in a lot more bodily womb rebirths as such. Therefore, although many womb lifetimes may actually be required for a single soul to obtain final liberation, many uterus rebirths aren’t numerically requisite in most situations – as we will see.


The question arises, so: if IS it many lives and lots of rebirths in one sense, and NOT many lifetimes and rebirths in another? To put it differently, notwithstanding that we have each clocked up many lifetimes, what standards ultimately determines when’many lifetimes’ have been attained and rebirth is no more required? As an example, if we had heard or said 100 or 1000 lifetimes, or more, ago, that soul liberation takes many, many lifetimes, one would presume by now to become spiritually awakened and free from insistent rebirthing back in the world?

If we accept that it takes many, many lifetimes to obtain final purification, then we have to evaluate this approval against where exactly we’re spiritually now, given our prior lifetime experiences. To put it differently, are we making any progress. Many lifetimes’ and’rebirth’ thus have two simultaneous paths of use – literally and metaphysically — and understanding their esoteric distinction is essential as we travel unto eternal unity with the Divine.

Ter em conta

As a result of non-integrated psychological thought patterns inside the deeper structure, thus the principle of persistent uterus rebirth makes great sense. Conversely, many ‘ordinary’ people, in the regular marketplace, have actually attained integration, liberation, through the practice of meditation, more especially, transcendence meditation, the state of consciousness which nullifies and neutralizes residual karmic’sin’ patterns, causal of rebirth.

Because of cessation of person ‘me’ ‘mine’ presence during transcendence, the comprehension consequently, regards many lifetimes, is that, every transcendence in meditation is equal to a single lifetime, 1 rebirth; equal to being reborn anew, today, while sitting on the seat. So, in the context of liberation taking many lives, it merely means repeating many, many sessions of meditation, instead of gaining transcendence, thus attaining pure Existence, meaning one awake lifetime in this lifetime.


It is a most subtle and elegant activity which transforms the individual animalistic paradigm into a mutually established state of pure consciousness – recognized in eastern traditions as no-mind, or Samadhi, Nirnava. As deeper mind starts to open, in meditation, the soul’s spiritual qualities of unconditional love and heavenly consciousness start to emerge inside, which practical spiritual advancement, while asleep, can really take many physical uterus lifetimes to attain.

From this standpoint, to a dedicated meditator, liberation is about LIVING one fully-conscious egoless life through a decontaminated soul — expressing post apocalyptic character in our every thought, word and deed through a consciousness rooted in compassionate-love. Many meditations thus neutralize subconscious content, the non-soul serving believed patterns lodged in deeper brain consequent of past ignorance-based lifetimes; that ‘lodgements’, through meditation, become de-valued, de-habituated, de-potentialized as an auto-response energetic in our everyday lives.

Nota final

As these toxic deposits start to get rid of money, Life, in its authentic pure prosperity starts zooming into blissful focus all around us. Inner and outer start reflecting harmoniously with each other as one conscious relationship with the Divine, with eternity. This is when mind, nervous-system and five senses begin getting cultured into withstanding bliss-purity, once the organism physiology is in fact undergoing Godly — alive divinely in Pure present- moment awareness.