The words RESPONSIBLE and RESPONSIBILITY are just two words, I believe, which will need to be resurrected from the dead. These words will need to be re-taught, re-learned, encouraged and once more held in high-regard like they once were. Is it just me, or have you ever noticed that our society appears to be losing personal liability for just about everything?


I’ve personally witnessed and felt the effects of the, in my practice and in my environment, for a while now. Please do not just consider this idea. Please read this email to the finish and act on it! During the last 50 years, Earth’s population has been witness to: international terrorism, global warming, dwindling natural resources, over-farming/fishing, GMO’s, deforestation, mass-extinction of wild-life, medication being prescribed and consumed like candy, mandatory vaccinations, and social epidemics such as welfare, morbid obesity, world hunger, income-inequality and several others.

Why have all these situations occurred? The dictionary has many definitions for the word RESPONSIBLE. The first one matches what I believe I do as a physician:”legally or ethically accountable for the welfare of another.” When I graduated from school, I swore an oath in order for anybody who seeks my attention, and I feel I’ve never violated that oath.

Ter em conta

There are two other definitions that match how I feel I behave in my private life. For the remainder of this paper, I will concentrate on RESPONSIBILITY when it comes to the state of health. In terms of all other facets of someone’s life, just be honest with yourself – can I be responsible. If you haven’t been applying the definitions above, within and out, go-for-it. The people and world around you will see the positive change and admit you for it – you’ll be setting a great example. It’s my personal opinion that the huge majority of people that have health challenges either generated or are actively contributing to their negative condition, knowingly or unknowingly.

They might even be ignoring the fact that a wellness challenge exists, though negative symptoms are present. Most will also place the responsibility, on a doctor or doctors, due to their general health status, for returning them back to good health (with surgeries or drugs ) or to keep their health at a specific level (with medications and/or surgeries). All this is, at some level, lack of personal accountability and responsibility.


If you’ve got high’this’ or low’that, have a pill. If it’s clogged, send in Roto-Rooter. If it’s too fast or too slow, take another pill. If you believe there might be a problem today or in the future but are not sure yet, have a pill, just to be on the safe side. If there’s a new symptom that pops-up from taking medication A, do not stop medication A, because medication B will manage that pesky new side-effect.

Fact: it’s not a side-effect, IT’S an EFFECT. 99 percent of all medications ONLY trigger or suppress chemical reactions in the body. Basically, pharma drugs treat symptoms, while masking the underlying condition or disease condition. Pharma drugs do not reconstruct or regenerate tissue – they don’t CURE. Only the body itself can heal itself. This apathetic and irresponsible attitude our society has grown, toward private healthcare, is very dangerous. It’s putting a HUGE financial burden on future generations, and is accounting for hundreds of thousands of needless deaths and hospitalizations each and every year. 2.9 TRILLION dollars annually ($2,900,000,000,000) as of 2104, is spent on healthcare in America. That’s almost 20 percent our GDP and more than the earnings created by France. 25-30 years old.

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It follows that we’re at our peak, our prime, in the era. After this, one’s body begins to deteriorate. Some people can go through this procedure VERY slowly while some break-down quite quickly. The rate of the deterioration depends upon your genetics, marginally. The lion’s-share, 95%, rests on controllable, epigenetic (above genetics) influences – sleep, nutrition, exercise and positive mental attitude. Creating and maintaining vibrant physical and psychological health isn’t the sole responsibility of physicians, family members, friends, Richard Simons, or Jenny Craig. They’re part of EDUCATION.

IT’S ACTUALLY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take part in positive epigenetic influences (stresses) in your body and mind. Below are five strong factors that should practiced, robustly, with allow you to attain and maintain, lasting, lively health. The first one, schooling, isn’t an epigenetic factor, per se, but is required to make another four more effective and powerful. First, there’s EDUCATION, LEARNING, KNOWLEDGE. You might even hire a trainer, like a personal trainer, who will lead you in a perfect direction.


Optimally we want between 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. This is vital to the way we function during the day. Adequate sleep is also compulsory for key processes like learning and consolidation of memories. The sad part is that most of us frequently don’t get enough sleep even though we understand how essential it is. Making-up missed sleep by sleeping more on the weekends or loading-up on caffeine, to stay alert, can actually cause more damage than good.

The long-term consequences of not getting enough sleep or interrupting the body’s natural sleep rhythm may cause negative epigenetic alterations, in certain genes, linked to weakened immunity and tumor growth (cancer). Other effects brought on by lack of sleep are: lack of energy, moodiness and irritability, bad stress adaptation, difficulty problem solving, and a lack of imagination.


The main point here is to eat to encourage each and every cell in your entire body, not only for the flavor or because it is a fantastic deal. That said, I’m not a sadist, I am a realist. Yes, please, eat for the sheer love of food, superior food, a couple of meals a week. If you do not, that is irresponsible in my book. Life is too short to fail the finer things in life, but at exactly the exact same time, too brief to lower your life-span by eating like crap. Juicing, nutritional supplements and functional foods will also be a part of the.


The human body will remodel in line with the stress placed or not placed upon it. Nothing is truer. Less than 5 percent of the U.S. 30 minutes of physical activity each day. And, for kids, it’s much worse. The surest way to develop osteoporosis; arthritis; sore joints; feeble muscles, tendons or ligaments; a slow metabolism; dementia or Alzheimer’s is not to exercise – which includes exercising brain also.


A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT or POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. If criminal or unethical behavior is happening in almost any form – get out! The negative effect that will be created inside of you, from being in this sort of environment, will literally eat you alive. This is in fact the most important of the four. The above five elements when positively and routinely followed (accountable) are demonstrated to strengthen the BODY, the MIND and the SPIRIT.

When not followed (reckless ) the reverse will happen, resulting in dis-ease and non-optimum health. These five elements of accepting responsibility for your health might appear obvious to some, and others it might seem as foreign as studying Swahili. For those who are taking personal responsibility for your wellbeing, I affirm your effort. For those you reading this and are saying to yourself, “that makes sense and I’ll take more responsibility for my health.” I validate you too.

For those who think your body will run indefinitely without any needed adjustment to its current condition or think that all those aches and pains, stiffness, inability to eat the foods you did when you were younger, higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol and improved weight are only signs of getting older, and that it is”inevitable”, you’re wrong or simply misinformed.

Tomar nota

Please re-read this or do some study on your own. I only want to help, I really do care, and I know you understand that. The fantastic thing is that it is never too late to change your current condition. Recognizing that a problem exists, and also recognizing that a positive change should happen, are the first steps. Once that’s done, all that’s required is an action steps that will transform your ideas into something concrete and real. See how far external you are able to go on this listing. Think to yourself, “what am I responsible for?”

  • Myself
  • My loved ones
  • Those other then my loved ones
  • Mankind
  • All living things
  • Matter, energy, space and time (anything not living)
  • Me as a religious being
  • The one you worship.

Note: there are a number of aspects/facets to each of them. Do you require a little or a great deal of responsibility for all or some? Locate which area(s) that may need additional attention. Focus on that area (apply action) without dropping-out responsibility for the areas you’re good in. Before too long you will see positive changes in your life and in the lives that you touch.