Cancer cells are present in each body. But fortunately our immune system, for the most part, can manage them. Until, of course, it does. And then scary things occur which none of us are especially keen on and many people dread. To avoid potential complications and to minimize the risk of cancer a number of people out there busily add antioxidants to your own diet.


But that is a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Rather than taking an antidote, it would be far wiser to not ingest the toxin in the first place, especially seeing how it’s the toxins that cause oxidization. It seems logical, does not it? Now, what toxins do you believe you might be putting into your body? Some of those avoidable ones are naturally seed oils, processed foods, alcohol, and worst of all – sugar.

Did you know that just 1tsp of sugar suppresses your cancer-killer cells for 7 hours? Consider it – only by ingesting one small little teaspoon of sugar, you’re making yourself more prone to cancer growth during the next 7 hours! Sugar not only suppresses your immune system. Additionally, it feeds the cancer cells. Cancer cells are 40-50 times more effective in using sugar than normal cells. Cancer is literary suck glucose like mad and thrives on it.


In reality, studies have shown that a cancer polyp in the colon will consume the sugar from a carbonated beverage (e.g. use juice) until the glucose gets absorbed into the blood stream. Moreover, sugar-fed cancer is significantly more resistant to chemo and radio therapy. Conversely, sugar-deprived cancer needs a much lower dose of chemo and radio therapy.

Now, is”natural” sugar ? Well, that is the exact same question as “Is organic poison better than artificial poison?” Of course not! Poison is poison, no matter how”organic” its origin. Your body does not care where the sugar came from. It reacts to it the exact same way it reacts to poison. There’s absolutely not any such thing as a healthy form of sugar. It’s all poison. And rather than carrying it and then trying to compensate for expensive (and dubious) anti-oxidants, it’s significantly better not take it entirely. Saves you a great deal of headache and might save you from cancer also.